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2013 Street Triple R v 2013 Z1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nug-Nugget, Apr 15, 2013.

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    *** Just realised I should have posted this in Bike reviews, questions and suggestions, sorry***

    Hey all,

    I've wanted a Street Triple R since 2010 and now I finally have the oppurtunity to get one. The other day however I took one for a test ride and I wasn't really blown away by it. I didn't get to open the taps that much but when I did give it a hit it didn't scare me like I hoped it would. The only other riding experience I've had was with a VTR250 during my L's and P's and I sold that about a year ago. So after having not ridden for about a year the Street Triple R didn't blow my socks off. I'm wondering if this is because I'm pretty inexperienced and can't take advantage of what the STR has to offer. Was it the route we took during the test ride? (No highways). I know it is supposed to be a great handling and fun bike.

    Anyway this has made me start looking elsewhere and the top contender is the Z1000. I'm thinking with that much power I will be blown away. Especially since I'm too inexperienced to attack corners aggressively and take advantage of what the STR offers, maybe just a nice squirt in a straight line with the Z1000 will make it worth while buying.

    I'm really only looking at naked bikes. I'm mainly going to use to for the commute to work so for me low down grunt is much more important than huge power up top. Response is most important to me. I will hopefully test ride a Z1000 soon and I'm thinking I should test ride the STR again, this time going on the motorway.

    Does anyone have an opinion on this? Or recommend a bike suited to my needs? My budget is around 15K. The FZ1N is also on my radar but I've read that it seriously lacks power low in the revs.
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  2. Ok
    Reality has dampened your dream of an STR a bit,
    But your in the market for a new bike.
    If you like power, please please test ride something like a R1 or GSXR1000, or the naked equivalent.
    If you still need more power get some NOS. lol
    I think the STR is a good all round bike. Jack of all trades, master of none though.
    Test ride everything you can put your ass on.
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  3. Mine does 100kph in 2nd at around 8000rpm and its still going hard. You might want to do a training course. Its a riders bike. If you want grunt get a harley.
  4. Wow, I know I'm soft but I didn't think I was that soft.
    My fz6 has adequate power for my skill level.
    Get a second had B-king, you want power? Have POWER!!!
  5. It's all relative. I was shaking after I sold my 250 and twisted the throttle in anger on the 675 for the first time. I couldn't believe that there were 1000cc bikes out there and could not imagine what that must feel like. No matter how I phrase I'm going to come off like someone who likes the bike they own and is offended at what someone else says about, however, going from a 250 to a 675 and being unimpressed by the power sounds strange to me.
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  6. I had a 2010 (Gen 3) Z1000, the bark from the engine when you open the taps is addictive.

    IMO it is one of the all time great bikes and has Japanese reliability too.

    I highly recommend one, get some advanced training before you buy one though if you're coming off your P's.
  7. The Street R is a great bike and a well ridden one will keep up with anything when the road gets twisty but if you just want arm wrenching power you could look at

    Big brother speed triple 1050cc
    KTM Superduke (brilliant fun)
    Kawasaki Z800
    Suzuki GSR-750
    Yam FZ8
  8. I've found myself looking at the same two bikes (and the new zx6r for good measure). Mind you I've still got a year on my greens but one can dream can't they? (Not that the dealers agree when I ask for a sneaky test).
    I haven't seen a single review or ride badmouthing the triple so maybe a second test is in order?:
  9. Remember one thing, anyone can go fast in a straight line but that gets old hat pretty quickly.

    I think you've under estimated what the StripleR is built for. It has a very smooth power delivery, good amount torque and is a very competent twisty bike.

    If you want bulk torque, buy yourself a big V twin.
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    Thanks for bringing this up as the Z1000 is on my list in 3-4 month aswell but I think you should be comparing it to a 2nd hand Speed Triple if anything :)

    I am leaning towards the Z1000 aswell myself, I just seemed to melt into the bike when I sat on it, so comfortable.

    Comparing the performance of the 2 though the Z1000 would scare you the most in a straight line :D I think the Speed Triple runs around flat 11 1/4 mile.
  11. try redlining the STR in first gear WOT.
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  12. I like the look of the Superduke R but from what I read it's pretty savage and for the experienced rider. Out of my price range too, as well as the Speed Triple R.

    Yep, I've heard nothing but VERY GOOD things about the STR which is why I was sure I was going to get one. I really wanted to love it but yeah I should probably test ride it again.

    I want a bike that always feels fast and is usable for everyday riding and commuting, not just weekend rides. I've heard the Z1000 handles everything well and has plenty of power. I'm worried the STR doesn't have enough power to keep me happy for the years to come.

    I don't like the riding position of sports bikes and I'm going use the bike mostly for the commute to work. The naked version of the R1 is the FZ1N? This may sound stupid but I don't really wanna test too many bikes because of all the hassle and all the pressure the dealers put on you to buy it. I really wanted to just love the STR and buy it. I did consider buying it and learning to ride and love it but that could be risky.

    It's a hard decision to make I think because of my inexperience and not knowing what kind of rider I am yet. And it is heaps of money to spend on a bike that doesn't suit me. Has anyone ridden both of these bikes?
  13. Thanks for that. My friend's bro has one so I'm going to beg him for a test ride. I'm looking at getting the 2013 special edition. So bloody hot. Have you ridden a STR?

    Yeah, I think the fear must be there on the first ride because you get used to power so quickly. The STR didn't deliver that :(
  14. Seems like you're spending more time worrying about power rather than your ability to actualy ride it to it's potential.
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  15. That should be jack of all trades, master of fun!

    I've had a lot of different road bikes, the Street Triple R is by far the best road bike of the lot, does everything so well.

    As someone who loves Trumpys and had a '12 Speed Triple, don't bother, the 675 is a far better bike.
  16. I haven't ridden a street triple, so can't comment there, but my Z does manage to keep putting a massive smile on my dial..

    I agree with the others though - if you've only previously ridden a 250, and you haven't been riding for a year, consider doing some advanced rider training, and take it easy for a bit.

    I'm also kind of surprised that the street triple didn't impress you more. When you took it out, how far did you push it? Where did you go test riding? What sort of riding do you enjoy most? Something I found when riding a Daytona (similar triple engine) was that it was surprisingly smooth, and I think that may have masked some of the raw grunt that was present in the engine. There was nothing about it that I would call "unimpressive" though..

    Anyway, back to the Z.. It's pretty torquey even low down in the rev range, so it's possible to kick it down a few gears, take it easy and putt around for a while if you need to, but you also need to remember that it's not really very happy below about 20km/h, it's capable of doing all legal speeds in vic in first gear, and the ball-tearing OMFGWTFBBQ acceleration can get you into trouble very quickly. Like any litre-bike, it won't forgive fools - if you use your right hand to abuse it, it will be quite happy to flip you off backwards, forwards or sideways in retaliation. It's also a fair amount heavier than the striple, so depending on your size, you may need to take that into consideration too.

    Good luck with whatever you choose; I'm sure it'll be fun either way.. :)
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  17. You are pulling yourself if you think you 'need' more power than the Streety. It's one of the best road engines around.

    To give some clarity to my opinion, currently between my close mates we have: 13 Z1000, 09 Street Triple R, 12 Speed Triple (just sold), 09 Superduke R, and an 09 R1 to round them out, all of which I ride regularly. I would pick the Street R any day of the week, and the 13 is even better and 6kg lighter!
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  18. This was my first thought too
  19. The Street runs damn near a flat 11 too.
  20. Street Triple R = 107hp, Z1K = 136 or so (but the Z is heavier to boot).

    IMO rider capability will have far more of an impact on any relative speed difference between the two bikes than a minimal power-to-weight difference will. If you invested time and money on advanced rider training, track days, CSS etc, you'll find that you'll be more than capable of kicking lots of high-capacity bike riders arskses through the twisties, probably even if you're on a beat-up old 250.

    To be honest, with the Z you can't feed all the power to the ground all the time anyway - it just wants to lift the front wheel off the ground - and it takes balls of steel to push it hard when that's happening. I presume that the striple would be similar under full throttle.

    There are plenty of reasons to choose a bike, but IMO some sort of horsepower pissing contest isn't really the best way. If you're into that sort of thing, you should get yourself a turbo Busa :)

    Not that I'm trying to discourage buying a Z; they're an awesome bike, and I'm sure you'll love it :) I just want to encourage sensible decision making :)
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