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2013 R1 v 2014

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Malleeman, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Many good deals out there on new 2013 & 2014
    Any opinions on relative merits/differences appreciated
    From what I see - traction control and $$
    Cheers MM

  2. 2013 on the left. 2014 on the right

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  3. 2009-2014 are the same bike fool!
  4. Thanks for that Nick
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  6. Why is left seemingly sniffing right? I may be overanalysing this photograph.
  7. Really?
    I thought Yamaha put some kind of traction control system on the R1 around 2012?
  8. Yes you are correct they did put traction control on the 2012-2014.
    But that was the only change in 5yrs.
    2009-2014 is the same bike except for the traction control added on the 2012 no other changes were made.
  9. Soooo not the same bike then lol
  10. Do you mean difference between a 2013/14 and the current, all new model?
  11. By that logic, if you put an aftermarket exhaust on your bike, it is no longer the same bike.
    TC is just an accessory really.
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  12. Yeah an accessory which separates cutting edge sports bikes from the previous generation
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  13. Um no. You may choose to put an aftermarket exhaust or even ecu unto a new bike in which case YOU have modified the bikes performance or driveability.
    Other than paint schemes, anything which changes a bike performance or driveability is different no matter how small it appears to be.

    I would suggest that is why there is a difference in price combined with slightly less depreciation due to it being one year newer.

    Which I believe was what the op originally asked.
  14. There were a host of small changes actually, but the bones of the bike were the same similar.

    Same could be said between the 04-05 and 07-08 R1as they looked similar but we're actually quite different.