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NSW 2013 or 2014 bike ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Conorkc, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I need advice. So I am selling my bike and I have a buyer interested. I emailed him a scan of the rego papers and some other documents to give him some details of the bike. I bought the bike 6 months ago (2014), but he seen that on the rego paper that the year on the papers is 2013.

    Can this be a mistake? Did I get sold a 'New' bike that was almost a year old? I need advice. I know that the 2013 model is diffrent from my 2014 in that the 2013 needs a valve clearence check at 1000km and they also had a recall on the 2013. I didn't have either with my bike. So where did this 2013 come from?

    Thanks for any advice,

  2. The chassis plate will say the build date. The build date and model year are not necessarily the same.
  3. Thanks Johnny, when I am selling the bike should I call it 2014 or 2013? Sorry forgive my ignorance.
  4. is your VIN within the 2013 rocker arm bolt recall range? if not, then you can point to that as a good thing.

    the valve clearance check, by many reports, was an extra QA check for the new model and likely not needed (unless it was a cover for the rocker arm bolt check ;) )
    that was issued Feb 2014.. so if your VIN is in there, it was quite likely made 2013..

  5. Hi oldcorollasoldcorollas No it is not inside these vin numbers.
  6. if it is after those 2013 numbers, then I'd be saying RMS made a mistake with build date, and the VIN number being after that recall range is proof :) (and peace of mind for buyer)
  7. The buyer is very careful, which he is dead right to be! But this has made him suspicious. He is getting the bike for 6,300 cash and I think he won't pay this for a "2013". Is there a way to fix this?

    Also, oldcorollasoldcorollas I have a couple of bits and pieces you can have for free if you want. Email me at conor kc @ gm ail . com <- All one word ;-)
  8. cheers, will email :)
    another way would be to call up a Honda dealer, and get them to check manufacturing year from the VIN.
    A letter from Honda saying it is 2014, should be enough to get RMS to change their records.
    they make mistakes on Rego papers all the time... maybe their data entry people have fat fingers?
  9. Thanks mate, I will call tomorrow. But if it was for instance a 2013 and they sold me it as a 2014 have I any come back on this?
  10. http://www.cb500x.com/index.php?topic=658.7

    10th character of VIN, D=2013, E = 2014?

    I think it is not uncommon for dealers to sell bikes/cars in next year, and call it the year first registered.
    I takes some time for vehicles to be shipped from point of origin to market.. I vaguely recall many arguments about dates on build plate vs compliance plate eg

    but for your bike, if no specs changed, and it is not subject to the 2013 recall, and either VIN or compliance plate say 2014.. then I reckon it is effectively 2014. That's probably what the dealer would argue.
    If honduh backs that up, especially if the build year is 2014, then you or buyer could hassle RMS to change the date...

    if there were spec changes between 2013 and 2014 that made them different, and they sold 2013 instead of 2014, then they have misrepresented, but not sure what you could get out of them..
  11. If it's my2013, call it 2013, if it's model year 2014, call it 2014. When it was built makes no difference.
    Check the date on the build plate, I'd be surprised if rms made the error. I suspect it will be built in that year, to the specs of the 2014 model year, though it is possible you were tricked.
  12. You've been able to buy 2015 model bikes for the past 6 months.

    My bikes a 2007 with 2006 on the rego.
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  13. Ok so I have checked the build plate and it says 11/13. So build November 2013. So does this mean it is still a 2014 model and it is fair enough for me to sell as such?
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  14. MY14.. unless they airfreighted it over, or had really really fast boats :D
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  16. I bought mine in Nov, brand new, had to be assembled, 2013.
    Mine is also outside the recall VIN's so it's also a newer 2013. It means it's cheaper but nothing majorly different.
  17. Stumbled upon the same questions myself. On RTA, or MyRta, or whatever they call themselves now, my bike is on as a 2013. VIN plate has 11/2013 as date of manufacturer, however my VIN number is what identifies it as a 2014, as the one digit is an E as opposed to a D, per post above.

    So, your model is definitely a 2014 CBR500R :)
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  18. Problem solvered...
  19. Thanks for the reply mate. I am thinking with the low price I am selling this for and the shear amount of hassle, I am going to ship the bike home. The amount of nitpicking going on had me almost question how good the bike is, that plus all the other pressure of selling and moving all of my other stuff.
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  20. Like I said in the very first reply, the build date and model year are not necessarily the same.