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2013 Ninja 636

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kw0n3k, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Like to introduce you all to my new 2013 (actually 2012) Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636, finished in Flat Pearl white.
    im gonan compare this to 2 bikes in know very well, 2006 CBR600RR and a 2008 Ninja 250r.

    As most know the 2013 comes with arrange of arsenal. Traction Control, ABS, bigger motor (whole 37cc!!).
    The KTRC comes with 4 levels of usability. OFF - Level 1 - Level 2 & Level 3.
    theres also an option that allows the use of FULL engine power or LOW engine power (according to the manual only allows 60% of the engines total power) Currently i have it on LOW and LEVEL 3 as im still running the bike in (though i have played around with it). LVL 3 Taking off at a set of lights with level 3 giving it about 15% throttle you can hear the car just spit and splatter through the exhaust as KTRC does its job, Very intrusive as it jerks you around abit if your not ready of it.
    LVL 2 does a nicer job of keeping the wheel spin to a minimum, not as intrusive as lvl 3 but you can certainly feel it jerk, with a hint of wheel spin.
    LVL 1 feels like nothing really, you get abit of wheel spin but being that bike is coupled with a slipper clutch it not as jerky as the other, more of a smooth launch, almost if you had a launch control in a car. its absolutely a delight to take off hard (upto 6,000rpm).

    anyways the riding position i find heaps better then the CBR600RR, its lower then the CBR but your not leaning down as much. the bars are not as short either like the Honda. the Seat on the other hand is, well the ninja feels like im sitting on a rock. so after about 30min of riding my a*@ is sore.

    the brakes on this is absolute monster! i had a situation where bumper to bumper traffic was at a stand still all lanes besides the outer right (lane i was in) when a car pulled out infront of me, i hit the front brakes, ABS kicked in and i almost flew over the bike. credit to the ABS as i had MINIMAL pulse feedback through the brake lever.

    the bike itself is easy to flick in traffic compared to the cbr, the ability to shift from side to side makes it a great commute for city riding.

    The bike also comes with Bridgestone S20 Hyper sports tyres compared to the Michellin Pilot powers that are on the CBR and Ninja 250R, these tyres are like super glue. heading onto the Bolte Bridge, i can take the ZX636 lower and lower, it has a confidence inspiring grip about it. compared to the CBR i can go harder into a corner, lower and faster without raising a sweat, it just grips and grips and begs you to push it harder. i took me a fair few weeks to do the turns i do with the CBR but on this ninja i did it within a week (maybe im becoming a better rider?? sif!)

    ummm theres a few little itty nitty annoying things about this bike though, like minor imperfection in the finishs like the gaps between fairings, ugliness of the exhaust, noisy timing chain (every kawa i've been on seems to have timing chain noise), headlight cant be aimed more to the left as low beam is on the right (points in peoples eyes).

    i cant think of much more to type but as it comes ill update.

    for some reasons i cant upload photos as it says error but will try to post it up again when i come back home.
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  3. does look sweet..........you are right about that exhaust though...:eek:
  4. Did the girl in pic 2 also got a sore @ss from sitting on it? :p
    Jelous mate, a very good looking machine. Can't wait to read more reviews and comparison about the 636
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  5. Maybe she slipped and landed on the foot peg :) Might explain why she his holding onto her @ss :whistle:
  6. I remember sitting on this at the motorcycle expo, the best thing I sat on in the entire place! Very jealous indeed, amazing looking bike :finger:
  7. Hahahaha thats the missus. Forgot to edit her out......
    Yehh pillion seat aint that great either
  8. Quick question with the LOW mode, I thought this only come into play when the engine rev over xRPM? Before that, the power is the same?
  9. yeah thats correct. though i havent gone past 6,000rpm. i cant really say when the limit of the engine is engaged. though, taking off on high and low with KTRC off, the bike does feel more responsive with high. but it could be a placebo. i'll have to wait till after 1st service (booked for Monday 17th) to confirm.
  10. Also weird that the jerk is that noticeable in LVL 3, considering that is recommended for wet/slippery conditions. It would prob freak me out more in the wet haha
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    well according to the manual, LVL 3 alters 3 inputs, ignition timing, fuel and throttle. it feels like a car dead on a cylinder under heavy acceleration but it sounds pritty cool almost like a golf r as the dsg changes gears. you get that bit of exhaust back fire. but honestly its the safest. once you experience it you can anticipate when the KTRC kicks in as in your peripheral vision, the dash has a 5 bar graph, showing you the amount of KTRC intervention, the more bars the more severe the jerk is.

    its like mum bashing your hand with the feather duster cause you took cookies out of the jar, you know when to not push it :D
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  12. Nice bike, wouldn't mind test riding one
  13. Grats on the new bike!
  14. Another issue worth mentioning is theres timing chain rattle/noise at cruising speeds i.e 60kmph.

    Notice it abit around the 300km mark bit its getting louder (now 780km). Called Peter Stevens and they reckon the "run-in" oil is starting to break down.........sounds bs to me, ive been a motor mechanic for 10 years, feel like punching someone in the face.
  15. Spewing! At least they can't charge you for it.
  16. Damn thats sweet! It looks very similar to the 300.

    Rogue your sig looks very similar to mine! hehe
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  17. Ahaha, sure does. I was actually tempted by a VFR too, just thought itd be too heavy to be much fun!
  18. Oil breaking down after 700km is bloody BS