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2013 Ninja 300 - otherwise known as Jet

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  1. Diantra submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2013 Ninja 300 - otherwise known as Jet

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  2. Great photos and prose DiantraDiantra! You know, Jet looks vaguely familiar..... :)
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  3. Yes, well he did have a history when we got together PetesulPetesul ... we've decided just not to talk about it! What lay behind us is irrelevant, we live in the moment :) But just between you and me, I think he was tiring of the Rockstar ex and decided switching teams was a goer! ha ha ha
  4. Hey PetesulPetesul ... I think Jet's ears got bigger after a wash! ha ha ha Ssssshhhhhh, he might get snippy and throw me off! ha ha ha

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  5. Great photo's and great times ahead. I like the green but I can see why so many people like them black! Jet certainly scrubs up very nicely.
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  6. Looks really clean, how's that chain?
  7. PetesulPetesul - I'm failing miserably in the chain department :(