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2013 Ninja 300 ABS Frame Sliders?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wezzatee, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! So I am looking to get some new frame sliders and have been scouring around on the interwebz for them. Decided that I would like no cut ones just for ease of installation + if I ever need to take the fairings out in the future it would be much easier. Found a few brands namely Shogun, T-Rex and these are 2 on eBay which I don't think has a particular brand. Have the links to all of them below and would really appreciate any suggestions/reviews!





  2. cant go wrong with shogun or t-rex, look into oggy knobs as well.
  3. Hey afour! Thanks heaps for your reply. Yeh I was looking into either the Shogun or T-Rex as well. Just cos the eBay ones look dodgy haha! However the Shogun ones actually come out through the 3rd hole in the fairings whilst the T-Rex comes out thru the 2nd (pics below). I've read that the it would be safer to have the sliders come off the 3rd hole, however, I am worried it'll keep hitting my legs as I'm pretty tall.

  4. They are all great ! I got the original ones and it paid off when I dropped it on low speed few scratches instead of damaging the whole faring !
  5. Thanks fullvision! So all 4 sliders are good you're saying? You got the original Kawasaki ones?
  6. I got the Kawasaki ones on mine, they are pretty good. I hardly notice they are on, but you do have to drill into the fairing so once it's on, it's on!
  7. @endlesssummer@endlesssummer mate is that the factory ones they sell on the kawasaki website? do they look good and fit alright? Just wondering if it looks awkward on the bike as they seem to be a bit bulky compared to the yoshimuras and oggyknobs out there. I'm considering throwing some frame sliders on too and wanted to know if the official kawa ones dont make the bike look like a dork!
  8. they look better than oggy knobs, if you have not made bought some I could up load a picture of before and after for you, apparently I was told by the dealer the pro to having them is that in the event of a low slide there is a significantly less chance of the bike flipping in the air.
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  9. oh yea that would be great bro! could you upload a before/after? Thats what the guy said as well apparently when you go from tarmac to grass oggy knobs will make the bike flip? :S I havnt bought em yet though....
  10. this is my only before photo, as I had mine put on 3 days after I first got my bike

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  11. this is what it looks like now

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