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2013 Monster 659

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by booerns, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. So a few months ago I replaced the stock mirrors with some cheap aftermarket ones, now the time has finally come to upgrade from the eBay specials to real Rizoma's now that I know I prefer the positioning and aesthetics. Unfortunately, the stock mirrors we're integrated into the brake/clutch reservoir which has left me with two ugly empty threaded holes sticking vertical on the bars. In attempt to correct this, I have been looking at aftermarket reservoirs (while I'm buying real mirrors I may as well go the whole 9 yards). My question is about the front brake reservoir as the site specifically states "Will not work with master cylinders that have integrated reservoirs."

    How do I tell if my master cylinder is integrated or not? I would assume so seeing as unlike sports bikes bars where you can quite clearly see a fluid reservoir on the bar's, I only have the one reservoir in itself.

    (Sorry for potato quality)

    Any comments/ideas would be much appreciated!

  2. I have same issue after putting bar ends on mine. Was thinking of getting some plugs or something to put in the holes. Don't know about the reservoirs though.
  3. I found a website that does sell plugs - essentially just a bolt that fills it, but it looks nowhere near as good or clean as a setup with separate reservoirs and housings etc
  4. Okay so I think it's pretty safe to assume I have an integrated setup. Any clues to replacing the whole lever/reservoir setup similar to that of a monster 1200?
  5. Not sure if we're allowed to say, but you could take a look on the Ducati forums - they have specific pages for monsters and technical stuff
  6. Nobody really answered your question. The one you show in the photo is an integrated master cylinder. Some have a separate reservoir which generally has a rubber hose leading from the reservoir where the fluid is held, to the master cylinder, the piece that does the business.

    In the photo below see on the left how the master cylinder is just another piece of metal cast into the bottom of the reservoir then on the end at the lower left all you see is the hydraulic line leading to the calipers or ABS unit or wherever. On the right however you see the separate reservoir unit with the rubber hose leading to the totally separate master cylinder unit, which in turn has the hydraulic line leading out of it.

    I hope this makes it as clear as mud.

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  7. I found some cheap plastic plugs at Super Cheap Auto that i managed to fit into the holes - looks better than open holes and should keep water out. Had to cut them down a bit though to get them to fit.


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  8. Well done that's a really nice look!
  9. figured could be useful to be able to fit standard mounting mirrors in the future if i get sick of the bar ends
  10. takes a while to google translate all their page info though. I just bought some special baffles from them - took a while to figure out what was what.

    Plugs I got from SuperCheapAuto was couple of bucks though and don't have to wait a month for them deliver
  11. LOL i was going to say you can get plugs, but as the guys have beaten me to it. Enjoy the Super cheap versions, they seem to do the job.
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