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2013 Kawasaki Z800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wayned, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. It looks a lot better than the Z750. I think Kawi could do quite well with this one.
  2. Looks the goods
  3. But what will it WEIGH? The current Z750 is heavier than the Z1000......
  4. Looks mean, I hope they decrease the weight a little bit though. It weigh's pretty close to the z1000 if i remember correctly.
  5. I wouldn't mind one, which is saying a lot coming from me
  6. That's an excellent question.

    The current 750 is a sleeved down old litre motor; all the weight and none of the fun.

    I wonder what engine they've whacked in this baby. If it's a sleeved down Z1000 engine then it's a big why bother; just buy a Z1000 and a power commander and use the PC to give you a safe mapping until you're used to the power... not that you'd need it, but I'd rather that than another sleeved down engine (as a former Z750 owner).
  7. Looks great. If they can keep the weight down and make it nice and flickable (like a Street Triple) then they'll be onto a sure thing.
  8. Why do these guys persist in shit suspension and shit brakes and shit swingarm!?
  9. I like the look of it, but the specs don't excite me. Now looking forward to any news of the 2013 Street Triple and FZ8
  10. oh look a Z1 with less power and more weight.

    why ???
  11. There are two types of bikes in this world.....

    - Those which are built to a price
    - Those which are not

    This is the former - cheap bike for the masses.......a tool to be used - not a machine to excite.....

    People look for different things in bikes..............that said - I would NOT buy one.
  12. +1 ^ This
  13. Let's just head down to the dock and burn the whole shipment when it arrives.

    Then again, maybe let's wait and see what a bore increase, lowered gearing, focus on low and mid-range power, ABS, twin 310mm front discs and so on can deliver at a budget price.
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  14. This is a real Z and no its not for sale

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  15. Lol, it weighs the same as the Ninja 1000, ffs, all the reviews of the z750 bagged it out for its weight, they still don't seem to get that...
  16. If people were willing to buy nearly as many of them and pay the same price as for a Ninja 1000, they could make it lighter. Not by much, though, since it's from the same engine.

    As it is, the Z750 has been the biggest selling naked in Europe over a number of years, so I guess the Kawasaki bosses are fairly happy with that, and now they've tweaked it to try to make it better.
  17. er-6n on steroids.
  18. Nah the Er-6 is a parallel twin, the Z800 is an inline 4, totally different engine characteristics.