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2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636

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  1. FiremanSam762 submitted a new showcase item:

    2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636

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  2. The story..

    So, after pottering around on a 2009 Ninja 250R for the past forever, today (well, last week technically) I became the proud owner of a brand new 2013 ZX-6R 636 in white.

    Now for the twist;

    Am I off my restrictions yet? No.
    Have I ridden any supersport motorcycles? No.
    Have I even ridden this one yet? Again, no.

    So, why did I buy a brand new bike without even riding it??

    Well, I'll tell you.

    My current (read: 250R) Ninja is green. I don't want green. And after a long time of riding it, I have simply outgrown it.

    As such, after sitting on every motorbike I could find - literally - I decided that I wanted a SuperSport.
    A litre bike is too much of a step for me to make at this stage and I found that out of all the bikes I have sat on (but not ridden..), the 600's are the stand-outs for me. Something that I can use day-to-day without having all that power sitting idle. Finally, I wanted something new. 0km worth of "my bike".

    Out of the 600's I found that after much research and sitting,

    Yamaha R6 - not too shabby, all of my friends that own them however, complain about a lack of midrange power. For someone who likes to commute on their bike when they can (i.e. me), when playing in traffic, I like having torque right there when I need it.

    Honda CBR-600RR - again, a lovely bike but for me, it didn't fit and to be honest, it just didn't speak to me.

    Suzuki GSXR 600 - this bike was great (to sit on). I had a few concerns with build quality (e.g. quality of switches) and whilst I found the bike remarkably comfortable for someone with my frame, I had the same problem as I did with the CBR. It just didn't do it for me.

    Daytona 675 - loved it, except that it was too aggressive for me. Wayyyyy too aggressive. It's narrowness and steering rake would be PERFECT for track work, in fact I can think of little that wouldn't be perfect on that bike. Except that I don't want a track-only bike, I need something that I can spend an hour or two on and not feel like my arms are falling off.

    Ducati 848 - for a second-ever bike? Ha! Oh, and it was too aggressive. I'm a fairly tall fellow and a Duck would fit me if I wasn't a tall fellow. Having my hemlet (sik) sitting directly above the windscreen isn't my idea of fun.

    Aprillia - Just not my cup of tea.

    Last but not least, the Kawasaki's.
    There were two that I looked at, a ZX-6R 600cc bike and the new 636.

    ZX-6R I found was great, fit me well and after having many long conversations about it with a friend who owns one, was thinking about something along this line.

    Until I saw the 636.

    I had heard tales of this bike from YouTube bloke "RidingWithTom". Whilst I haven't yet met him in person, his review of the bike was great.
    And after I sat on it, it was comfortable (excluding the steel-like seat), it fit me well with my dimensions (6ft 1 and slim) and most importantly, it spoke to me. Not in a loud way, more of a soft, intense whisper saying "C'mon. Lets ride."

    So, naturally, the 636 was my top choice without having gone for a spin.
    Now, why did I buy one now, when there are many bikes for sale around the place and a 2014 model just around the corner?

    Well, I wanted white.
    Green is great but I wanted something different, something unique and something that wasn't another green Kawasaki.

    The 636 comes in two colours for 2013, the traditional Kawi green and a matt crystal white. No black was offered for Australia. Kawasaki are not bringing in the 2014 636s in white.

    I wanted to grab an ABS model too, but they are currently (as I type) rare as the proverbial and after having a lengthy discussion with a number of experienced riders who have ridden owned ABS and Non-ABS bikes, decided that I would settle for a non-ABS bike if it came down to it.

    And so why I purchased now.

    The 636 currently sitting in my garage is one of 5 in Australia in white - and more importantly - it is the LAST white 2013 Ninja ZX-6R 636 sold and registered in Victoria.

    My logic was that if I wanted a white 636, I had to buy up now. If I didn't like it once I got to ride it, I would easily be able to sell it for similar cash to what I paid for it.

    The one that I sat on at Peter Stevens had already been sold and their Kawasaki contact was talking about bringing down a bike from Sydney so they could sell me one - after doing some hunting online and via the Kawasaki Australia rep, I found the bike I now own - an hours drive from my house - quite literally a fluke that I located it. So I bought it, the last white 636 is Victoria.

    The rest as they say, is history.
    I still own my Green 2009 Ninja 250R, it will be sold to a close friend of mine in the next few weeks, leaving me to salivate over the gorgeous piece of machinery residing in my shed.
    I can't legally ride it until December 1st, but I have every intention of waiting until then. What's two months anyway? It's like getting married in the old style. Can't do our thing until she gets the ring. ;)

    Kind Regards,
  3. I am looking at doing the exact same thing for the exact same bike but im waiting until my restrictions end (november this year). I find it hard to believe that white ones are as rare as you say, as i myself walked into peter steven and they said the ABS model in white are available in jan...non abs right now (in white). I am in love with this bike without even riding it and im planning to get it brand new myself, abs or no abs. I am that excited to take it for a spin!!!

    When can you ride yours?
  4. Hey Gunny,

    I'd be interested if Peter Stevens can deliver in that, I asked around multiple locations and while the floor staff said yes, the manager said no.

    I'm off on December 1st so I feel your pain - where are you located?

  5. Im in templestowe. The bloke who services my bike told.me.to check out evolution in epping, cooper st
  6. Ahh, not too far from my place!
    IMHO if you can find one, buy it - they won't last till the end of the month, I can guarantee that much. The 2014 model won't be coming in white, I believe we get a Kawasaki green, a black and an orange. :)
  7. I need to sell mine first otherwise I dont have the money for it:( surely they can get one in if theyre popular and make some more in that color? I wanna test ride it first as well and I dont think they'd let me being on restrictions
  8. Keep the market in demand = keeps the prices up.
    Which is part of the reason I bought this one without a test ride... if I don't like it, there's no shortage of folks who I can sell it to that want one!
  9. Good point. I might go into evolution motorcycles and also the bank tomorrow to see how I go. Did you get the abs model?
  10. Negatory - my stoppers are old skool. You squeeze too hard and bad things will happen. ;)
  11. Yeah not that keen on abs but ill get what I can
  12. Yup.

    Gotta remember if you prang it while you're on restrictions, your bike won't be covered by insurance - bye bye to your investment.
  13. #13 Gunny, Oct 5, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2014
    Ha yeah I know. I was so close to putting pen to paper today but really wanna sell my 250 to put towards the deposit as ill be borrowing a bit less than half. Has anyone had any dramas with yamaha finance??

    I did it, my new ride:)

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  14. Congrats mate, she looks very pretty (and makes mine the second last white 636 sold in Victoria). Is she ABS?
    We will have to go for a ride in a few weeks, I'm in the Warrandyte/Donvale/Park Orchards area - VICPOL is targeting bikes at the moment so I would seriously avoid riding it until you legally can - it's killing me at the moment but it will be worth it. :)

  15. I was told when they were drawing up the paperwork that it was. Bloke spoke to his boss came back and told me it wasnt. Got the bike for 16k ride away with a fender elim installed. Im in templestowe. Its speed week for vicpol for this month, havent heard anything specifically targeting bikes
  16. Nice bike that , and I like the trailer to ! Good luck not riding that till December . :)
  17. Luckily its november:p. Im keeping the bike at the shop until I can ride it just in case. So excited cant wait to get it
  18. Thought this sign suited this thread.

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