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2013 kawa 636

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gunny, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Im after a bit of advice if I may,

    Im off.restrictions in just under 2 months and im looking at several bikes being:

    R6 second hand
    Cbr600 second hand
    Kawa 2013 636 new

    Now im gonna test ride everything but im leaning towards the kawa.

    I have a 08 kawa 250 that I bought second hand from peter stevens, its 17,000 on the odo and is in perfect nick, serviced on time and well looked after and maintained. I paid 5k for it 15 months ago. It needs new front and rear tyres, rear brake pad and an oil change for a roady so best option is trading it in and let them worry about it.

    What price should I be expecting to be offered to me for a trade in? I know ill be loosing money on it but how much?
  2. If its for the road 636 no questions, the 37cc extra might not sound much but they're a whole lot nicer to ride on the road compared to the 599s
  3. Plus Traction and ABS. If its a roady thats what you want dood :D
    Trade in good luck on 2.5k PS are penny pinchers :(
    My mate knows the guy he bought his cbr600 off and they could only give him 3k trade in (2010 Ninja 250r Sub 12000kms/mint.) 6-7 months ago D: and that was before the $5k cbr250r and the new 500's

    Good luck man! Personally I might give it a crack for selling it you can get tires from JakeWilson for like 280 bucks, get mmmts to fit em and then a standard service from someone who isn't Peter Stevens for say 200-300. You still might be a grand or two up.

  4. Speak to @Captn Spock re the 636, he has one and makes him smile and speak to @streetmaster who is a great mechanic, great prices and will sell and fit tyres while he's doing your service, so ride in, ride out.
  5. Thanks so much. I had my bike serviced with all the stuff done for a really grwat price at my local bike mechanic shop. Ill have a chat to him about the 636
  6. Just an update for this who are interested:

    I sold my 250 privately for 3,850 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

    I also went into evolution Yamaha and purchased a brand new 636 in black and white (non abs model) for 16k ride away with a fender eliminater installed for free.

    Extremely happy with these guys at evolution because they stuffed up with the non abs modelling telling me it was, they rectified it and gave me an awesome price and could not be happier with the bike and service from the rep. I pick the bike up 22nd of November :)