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2013 Honda CBR500RA "Grumpy"

  1. #2 Mudfrog, Jan 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2016
    hi Grumpy265,

    lookin' good there, just add some Red rim tape and you'll be set.
    John Keogh does great work and it's great to have a pic of yourself actually in motion on your bike to show and share with your friends and family.
    Just a note on your rack bag, if you reverse the bag so it sits on the seat behind you, (especially when loaded up) it won't be hanging off the bike behind the rear wheel.


    Stay safe cheers, Fred
  2. Hi Mudfrog,
    Not to keen on the rim tape but do have a red decal of Grumpy from Snow White on the way to put on the fairing.
    I tried the bag facing forward over the seat but it restricts me boarding the bike. It's not that heavy even loaded and I can honestly say I have never noticed it in travel.
    Thanks for the feedback and hope to see you out there one day soon.

    Cheers. Mal (Grumpy265)
  3. Hi again Mudfrog,
    If you look at the updated pic's you will see i got rim tape but not the full red.
    I saw this tape on Ebay and went now that looks nice so succumbed.
    Thought you would like to know.

    Cheers. Mal (Grumpy265)
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  4. Hi Grumpy265,

    Your bike is looking mighty fine, esp with the Grumpy decal and rim tape too. Like the personal touch which makes THAT bike, YOUR bike.

    BTW, is that a RED oil filler cap thingamajig ?

    Thanks for sharing, cheers Fred :)
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  5. Great looking ride Grumpy265Grumpy265, love the black CBR500, but I guess I'm biased :happy: Wish I chose a better rim tape for mine though.
  6. so you got your pipe fitted and rimtape...I thought you weren't keen on the tape? hopefully see you tomorrow at the 'session'. (weather permitting) I wanna hear what Grumpy sounds like now ;)

    any other red pieces?
  7. Yes that is a red oil filler cap. Anodised. Also red chain adjuster blocks with cotton reels on them so I can easily clea
    As we discussed on the weekend, that's about it for now ( maybe ). That was a good ride on Saturday. Love the roads up around Glenorie / Wisemans. Sorry I to take off early though. Plans were set so had to fly. Catch up soon.
  8. Yes, that is a red anodised oil filler cap. There is also red chain adjuster blocks with attached cotton reels so I can easily clean and oil the chain.