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VIC 2013 GSXR100

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Dougm111, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone

    My GSXR1000 was stolen from directly across the road from Ciloms Airport Lodge 398 Melrose Drive Tullamarine Melbourne. The bike was on a Kennard Hire 3 bike trailer hitched to my car. They unhitched the trailer and took the lot sometime between 8pm Friday 24th April and 4:45am Sat 25th April.

    I still have the key so presume this will be rebirthed or sold for parts. Rego was OSG60 (NSW).

    Bike had the following
    * Akropovic Titanium Slip On
    * Ventura Rack (only the rails were on at the time)
    * Rear Pillion Seat had the base for a Ventura saddle bag connected to it
    * Evotec Fender Eliminator
    * Evotec Levers
    * All fairing panels were covered in clear protective film from DucoScratch
    * The tank had clear tank grips which were quite worn
    * There was a small SWRacing sticker on the left side of rear cowling.

    If anyone comes across any parts for sale that are suspect or see a Kennards Hire bike trailer lingering on the side of the road somewhere, please let me know. It has been reported to authorities etc.

  2. Devo. Hope you get it back. Insured?
  3. The original post its four months old, why reply to it?
  4. One would suggest he didn't realize that and was genuinely interested in whether he got it back. Yours on the other hand appears to be quite arrogant.
    Just saying.......
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  5. Looks like Scammel's Spur lookout on the Alpine Way near Khancoban, nice looking bike hope you get it back.
  6. You're entitled to your opinion, but as a Moderator I was just pointing out that it was a very old post and not one which needed to be commented on. I might point also out that it was pretty buried so the poster would not have just stumbled across it...
  7. I didn't realize as a "moderator" you could decide on what post needs to be commented on and which doesn't. Granted it may well have been buried but why does that make squat all difference....?

    Anyhow back to normal programming.......