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QLD 2013 Discount racing packages

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by simidau, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I'm very excited to share that the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld have announced volume pricing discounts for 2013 Racedays, Trackdays and Coaching days.

    Attractively priced volume discounts. Huge savings only available to club members. Not a member?
    Sign up now for 2013 and your membership will last until the end of 2013.

    So sign up and get racing! 2013 is going to be another great year of top racing with the Sporties!

    Full details available

    Forms available from:

  2. @simidau, who are you? Are you somehow associated with this company.
  3. The motorcycle Sportsmen is a club, I am a member of.

  4. oooh the challenge cup looks tempting for a newb like me! :) Do they have 2013 dates yet ?

    (and any info about bike specifications / requirements)
  5. We should get our dates from the track this week if all goes well.

    Any bike is eligible for the Challenge cup - there are no classes (except motards are separate) - you normal race prep is required as set in the MOMS (http://ma.org.au/index.php?id=142) lockwire/tape, bellypans on faired bikes, engine case protection and water only in the coolant system.

  6. If they had a club award for most pro-active member you'd prob get it each year.
  7. Can anyone explain or show me a pic of a belly pan. Is it just a bit of metal or what?

    Does the fairing count?
  8. Here's a bellypan for an R6, unlike OEM fairing the track fairing bellypan is designed to keep all the fluids inside and not outside on the track or your back wheel, the volume requirement is in the MA regs in Chapter 15, think its 5L for faired bikes and 3L for non-faired, but I can't tell you why there's a difference.

    It should also have 2 drain holes to let water out in a wet race, but still sealable in the dry. There are other solutions that may pass scrutineering i.e. the lower fairing can be fitted with a separate catch tray, it doesnt have to be the catch tray ;) PM Simidau on any ideas you have above as he's pretty knowledgable on the tech requirements.

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    hmm, my lower fairing is all one piece with a hole, that I suppose could be plugged. But it doesn't have a turned up edge right at the back like that one pictured.

    Where do people normally buy them from? my bike isnt exactly common... or do amateur's just fab their own out of a bit of metal ?

    (sorry for de-railing this thread!)
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  11. Oooh the feb round is on my bday. I'm gunna do my best to give it a go!!
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