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VIC 2013 Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by dima, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. My red 2013 Daytona 675 was stolen tonight from the garage in Mulgrave.
    They took stand, all the lubes, cleaners, two helmets Shark Vision R, A* winter gloves (WR-something, can't recall the model), all the camera mounts, great set of tools and probably something else.

    It wasn't an average thief. Well prepared, knowing what to do.
    Don't know why they would take all the other little things, even microfiber!!!

    Rego: 1K3OV.
    Milage: ~10400km

    Photos: https://plus.google.com/116807208912177719748/posts/HrZJZHaRUvD

    Will provide more info if required.

    I'm devastated and speechless.

    Keep an eye guys.

    *UPDATE*: by the sound of it, this bike may appear on the track days (red tona would be quite rare). The way it was stolen suggests it was a keeper (not for the road obviously).
  2. They didn't take the CBR 250R though (no surprise). It was in the garage too.
  3. Shit. I'm sorry to hear man

    Some bikes are just too pretty..
  4. Just noticed they took all the spares I had (plenty of items for my 250 and a mud guard from Daytona).
  5. Ouch, one of my favourite bike. I keep my gears inside the house for this reason. Hope you get it back in good condition. Got thief insurance?
  6. oh fcuk sorry to here mate what a shock fcuken arseholes
  7. Man that sucks while it doubt it will happen I hope you get it back.
  8. Sorry to hear mate.

    Hope they catch the mofo!

    Keep a look out on any items going up for sale on gumtree or eBay.

    I hope the bike was insured.
  9. Bugger, that's terrible. Hopefully you get it back intact, or were insured and get a new one to replace it. What a shock it must have been to find it gone.
  10. Sorry to hear Dima.
  11. :( that's awful news :(
    They may come back for the CBR .. Is there somewhere else you can put her ?
  12. Hope they get the bastards

    And hope the bike comes back OK
  13. Sorry to hear that man
  14. Thanks gents for the warm word.
    I had the next service booked next Friday and was looking forward to another track day at PI the week after.

    Can't describe my feelings when the bike was gone. I really loved it deeply.

    But now I have to move on and sort out the insurance. I'm going to lose plenty of $ because they took a lot of (what I think) non-covered by insurance things (bike stand; all the camera mounts, prob worth $200-300; few accessories I didn't have time to add to policy, like techspecs, swingarm and tank protectors, another at least $600 or so; all the little things, chain lube, cleaner, plexus etc etc).

    Bloody hell, they even took the microfiber clothes I had in the garage for cleaning, all the descent tools I had, even the box with random bolts and nuts.

    None of that would be covered by QBE Premium insurance (/cc @Justus)
    Should double check it but it would be more of a content insurance. Again, will need to check it.

    Got police report, lodged the claim. QBE will get back to me on Monday to deal with the claim.

    The stolen gear that I should be able to claim is worth about $1900!!!

    I'll run through all the numbers and receipts before Monday.
    But I'm definitely out of pocket a fair bit with all the little things I had in the garage.

    Those thieves were ruthless and respectless. Absolutely astonishing!
    I couldn't even hear a sound during the night, even the neighbour's Sheppard wasn't barking (it always does). Extremely well planned robbery and ruthlessly executed.

    I'm now really concerned about the security of the bikes here. But don't really know how to protect much better (they surely can come back for another bargain).

    They stole my passion and even I (being silent as I am) feel like chopping their arms off.

    Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive and hope I won't miss the planned track day, either on the new or recovered bike.
  15. Shit dude, that's terrible luck. Hope they catch the bastards and find your bike.
  16. I have no hope that police will catch them.
    When doing fingerprints guys said that the thieves were very smart. Left no prints whatsoever and worked before/during the rain which helped wiping off any fingerprints that could had been left as well as mask any noises by the sound of rain.

    So no hope for recovery really.
  17. Could you put a big kickarse chain and padlock through the back wheel anchored on something that's cemented into the ground?
  18. Could you please tell a bit more mate?

    I'm really thinking to get a new bike next week. Just need to make sure insurance will pay out eventually.
    What do I need for it to be done wisely?

    Yes, were home. Probably sleeping. My bedroom window is just near the garage, so was very easy to hear everything... Except I heard nothing.
  19. The insurance company will make you wait some amount of time before they pay out the claim. Maybe two weeks or something. Give the cops a chance to find it.

    If your bike is recovered _after_ you have been paid out for it, you don't own it anymore, the insurance company does, so if you still wanted it back you'd have to buy it off the insurance company.

  20. The thieves probably pros and not working alone .
    they knew a lot of your background and came in prepared.

    I think its good idea if your next bike has alarm set up under the seat. If anything shakes your bike then the alarm screams off. It will at least wake you up before thieves take your precious bike away.