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2013 CB500f

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  1. CBSheB submitted a new showcase item:

    2013 CB500f

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  2. Yay, another CB500F! :)

    For some reason I can't see the showcase - can you post a pic up of it here?
  3. Might have been my noob error wth the showcase... enver done one lol.

    But anyway here she is... :D LOVE IT!
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  4. And another... only picked it up this morning. So overtime i'll add/change some minor things and make it my own neat beast :)
  5. Nice bike! Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Niiice. I love that red! :)
  7. All showcase items need manual approval first. It stops spammers
  8. nice bike, enjoy :) and shiny stuff always makes one smile :) go fast red too!!