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2013 BIG CC Sport-Touring Shootout

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by alan55, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Seen on My-Mc-phoenix.com

    FJR1300/ST1300/1400GTR ---- review

  2. Got all excited when I saw the title of the thread, but then sadly realised that they are the "big" or real sport tourers.

    I was hoping for sport tourers in the 600cc to 1000cc range.... oh well.
  3. A Sports-tourer comparison that leaves out the (still-available) VFR-800, and the VFR-1200 as at least ONE or the choices???
  4. No beemer either.
  5. The new VFR....02 onwards, is no tourer. Not even enough room for a phone under the seat. Not enough dash space for a GPS or ipod, let alone my kibble to read along the way. Full panniers and those pipes make it very top heavy and painful to ride over 500k's. I've ridden all those and my cash would go on the Kawa...cause I wouldn't pay what BMW want.. But fark buying a new one anyway, those things depreciate badly.
    And a Blackbird could still give them all a whooping lol.
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  6. I got all excited too... sprint st, ninja 1000 should be there too... so I've changed the title of the thread slightly.
  7. I am surprised that Honda are still offering the ST, how is it that different to the VFR? You would think that they are canibilising sales from each other.
  8. mmm, mabybe. I have to say out this way I haven't seen many VFR1200's, but plenty of ST1300's.
  9. I live in a CITY and I don't see any VFR-1200s. I'd go as far as to say that I don't think there's any in the place......
  10. Thanks Rob
  11. This being a US review might mean the bikes you mentioned being classified under sport rather than Sport Touring.

    The 1300 is more tourer than sport though compared to the ST1100 it maybe a shade more sportier......

    The 1300 though dated is still way out on front where it counts as regards to fuel range, economy and handles better than the other two......

    The ST1300 replacement is over due........but what ever Honda bring out it has to get owners of 1100's and 1300's to move to the new bike......The VFR1200T (possible touring version) doesn't come close enough.

    Full story here http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2013-sporttouring-shootout-10-video-91504.html
  12. The ST1300's massively different to the VFR1200 - to the VFR1200's weakness, I think.

    I get the impression that Honda left off all the touring-bike features deliberately, so it'd be seen as a Sports-tourer rather than a sports-Tourer. It's dumb - Shaft drive aside, there are hard-edged sportsbikes from competing brands which have more useful touring-bike features than the VFR!
  13. Well I just looked up those two bikes.......both chain drives which doesn't really put them in the same class......Meaning chain as opposed to shaft drive.
  14. The vfr1200 is okay,but not very popular with its too modern ugly looks.