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2013 Aprilia Shiver ABS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Picked up my new girl yesterday after 6 months of lusting over it. Ordered her a month ago.

    So far Akrapovic Slip-Ons with a Fatduc manipulator and some Lightech bling fitted. Still to come; Oxford Heated Grips, Pazzo Levers and a set of Acerbis Dual Road Handguards with built in LED light strips.

    Picked her up at 3 pm yesterday, woo hoo what a difference compared to the ER6-NL. Spent the first 10ks in Rain mode even though it was dry so I did not frighten the S..t out of myself but found that a bit unresponsive in the dry so shifted into touring mode which was much better. Will be testing rain out today I think given the lovely forecast in Melb.

    Would have to say the sound the Akras make is fantastic and expect it will only get better as they carbon up a bit.

    As you can imagine I currently have a grin from Ear to Ear. I will add additional information as the remaining parts get fitted and I have ridden her more.

    Will do a garage later on but here is a quick look. Cheers Jeremy

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  2. That thing looks awesome, especially in those colours!
  3. Congratz Jem!
  4. There's nothing like finally getting a bike you've been waiting for! Looks great :)
  5. Wow what a beast!
  6. That looks amazing, absolutely love the contrast of black/white/red. Congrats (y)
  7. Well went to Sat practice this morning to try out the ABS thankfully Melbourne had put on a lovely wet morning!

    So first thing, the back brake is like the ER just pulses under foot. The front brake is very different much more on off on could really feel the bike nose down and then release and then nose down again not as much pulse in the lever either. Will have to do a lot more practice to get used to where it kicks in.

    Secondly it buckets down on the way home so selected rain mode. Fantastic !!! With it selected I never felt like the back wheel was going to let go when I pulled away from the lights just nice if you know what I mean.

    Now admittedly it is only day 4 but the whole bike feels so much more balanced slow pace stuff is easier and it never feels like she wants to tip one way or the other when I pull up.

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. Hi,

    Well 2 weeks now and a couple of things to add.
    Fuel warning light comes on quite early, after I have used about 10 litres so still have 5 litres left in the tank.
    Seems a bit thirsty - current getting about 140-150 ks for those 10 litres, could just be the riding I am doing at the moment however - time will tell.
    I miss having the ks to go to empty display that I had on the Er
    I love have the what gear I am in display on this one
    The trip recorders record maximum speed...... hmmm
    Still in run in so no silly stuff as yet but did go for a run out to Warrandyte yesterday afternoon from Donvale and back - nice, very balanced and quite obviously more bike than my current skill level will worry around corners :D

  9. My bike has distance to empty if you want to swap?
  10. Thanks for the very kind offer, I reckon I will learn to live with it.....
  11. This is in fact my major issue, the small boy believes it is his bike.....

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  12. Nice one Jem :D
  13. There is a big difference in HP compared to your restricted 650L those extra ponies love to drink that premium fuel :p, you will find as the engine wears in and loosens up your economy will get better, but even my though gets 200 on 12L @ around 6L per 100.
    There early 650 kwaka's never had gear indicator you do get used to it very quickly but there are some after market gear indicators you can buy.
  14. FYI....

    Only recently discovered this myself.

    The indicators self cancel.

    If you switch one on and continue above 30-40km/h for more than 400 - 500m ish they cancel themselves.....
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  15. i like the look of those things.
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  16. Interesting will give it a go and see what happens. Cheers Nick.

  17. All good mate :D

    How's the run-in going?
  18. 250ks to go....... Been a bit busy unfortunately and didn't much like the lookout he wind today. It would blow a brown dog of a chain at my place at the moment!!!!

  19. Not too far to go!