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2012 ZX6R Losing the front??!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kolin, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. So I'm not exactly a brand newbie as I have been riding for four and a half years of which 3 were on my Ninja 2009 250R and 1 and a half on my 2012 Ninja ZX6R. I have Bridgestone S20's Front and Rear which I find much better than the old BT016's. The problem I am currently facing is losing the front in mild corners.

    The rear is sticky as shit and both it and the front are good in the wet; however when I try and take a decent lean into a corner (wet or dry) I feel the front start to slip out and have to pick the bike up... I'm talking slow speed fairly sharp corners here (the round a bout coming from Princes freeway (Cemetery road west) continuing straight past the Swanston st round a bout onto Sydney Road.

    Now I'm not sure whether or not I am trying to lean it too much into the corner, the front is too firm (PSI wise) , suspension set up is fcuked, too much weight on the bars or any other form of problem!!

    Any suggestions?

    PS: I just got back from 2 and a half months travelling Europe with my amazing girlfriend (who hates me riding) so I have been pushing fairly hard again (forgetting the fear - some shall judge) but at the moment I just don't feel confident with the front... I will post tire pressures tomorrow as they may be playing a major part (front might be too high compared to the rear) in it...? Also suspension is stock, I'm 5'10 and weight about 80 Kg's - do I need to change anything as I have no idea as to the weight range the stock settings are for... help?!
  2. doesn't sound good. tyres scrubbed in? does it slip on both left and right turns?
  3. Nothing wrong with pushing it within your limits but if your front tyre feels off and is slipping... Gotta question the wisdom of that!

    Find out the problem first or you might get hurt over something silly that can be fixed. Have you checked the PSI? Run a few different pressures and go for a moderate pace and see how it reacts.

    How's the wear of the tyre i.e. it's not scalloping? The front wheel is on the correct way (it's happened to me :p) and not causing weird balance issues? How old is the tyre?
  4. Figure our your tyres and current susp settings. Saying 'stock' means nothing as they hardly ever match the settings in the manual anyway, and even if they did, it generally suits no one. 2ndly find out what the bike is doing, have a friend follow and watch what you do, and what the bike does. Sometimes it's different to what you think it happening. How old are the tyres? Sometime vibration can replicate the sensation of sliding tyres, has the same buzz through the azz. 3rdly, if you've been away for a few months, it could be the nut between the bars. On track coaching or ride days never hurt anybody who wanted to ride faster, and safer.
  5. Is this a new problem or something that has only just started happening? If it's a new problem, have you changed something, tyres, tyre pressure, suspension settings, or has someone else changed them without you knowing?
  6. Could you be losing feel for the front (as opposed to sliding the front and picking it up which is hit and miss at best).

    I had a few of those with big piston forks which get a bit vague if not set up for you (I dont think your bike has them but its possible).

    If you havent paid a specialist to do suspension settings for you I would (its prob $100 or less).
  7. I had a similar feeling on my old bike. turned out i had squared off the tire (was still learning at the time.)

    if that's not it I'd be looking at your throttle control. especially if your screaming in then cutting the throttle everything will go forward and overload the front tire. getting back on the throttle earlier (not cracking it wide open) will re-balance the bike.
    So many people start blaming suspension, tires and everything but themselves. if you've been off the bike for a while i'd be looking at yourself. not to say its not something to do with the bike but more often than not its the monkey riding the bike :)

  8. Yep think my throttle control was shit house! Went in way to hot and not smooth,; took the same corner today (didn't check the pressures as they felt fine anhd I was running late for work) and it was faster, smoother and felt great. Focused on throttle control and determined I went in way too late the other day lol Oh well, you live you learn!!
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  9. no offense but sounds like a rider/skill issue unless you are a decent rider going hard, pushing the front really takes some doing on tar

    is it under acceleration or brakes? - smooth is always the key
    you may be unloading the front end too much in the corner (should be braking still or you are accelerating too abruptly)

    rear suspension maybe too soft (or too hard) causing premature wheelie

    old tyres on front will feel really shitty, get new ones, get sticky ones.
    don't put a stickier tyre on the back, front should be same/stickier

    is your wheel on straight???

    30PSI when the tyre is warm (says troy bayliss)

    get your suspension right for you, one click makes it a different bike altogether (track is best to feel changes quickly)

    shit it could be a million things
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  10. abit of advise:

    check tyres & pressures,

    get suspension set up by a specialist for your weight on the road


    California Superbike School level 1 minimum

    finally, the road is not a race track
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  11. Ok, so a bit late now... but I finally checked my pressure and had like 32 front, 28 rear lol. Im thinking its been a bit of too high front vs rear and rider stupidity considering hindsight. Tat baside, anyone recommend anyone to go to re: suspension set ups to suit my weight?
  12. yup tyre pressure is usually it, had mine down to 24psi the other week, couldn't even get around a round about the bike just wanted to stand up or slide

    try www.swracing.com.au/ for suspension set up

    but defineatly do the superbike school, most handling problems are created by the rider
  13. check your manufacturers recommendations on the tyre pressure,

    mine is 36 psi front & rear on cold tyres, I will notice it if it goes down to 32psi especially if its the front.

    also try get down low on the bars for more leverage, maybe your riding too high & pushing down on the bars, you need a strong initially tug on the bars on a 600 at very low speeds to get it to turn in then relax on the bars as soon as your at the correct lean angle....anyway I am digressing

    that's why I am getting helibars, to ride a sportsbike as they were designed is very difficult,
    you have to get down low, very low & that is no good for the back