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2012 Zero Electric Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Came across this for the 2012 bikes.


    Have a look at the specs, that should be usable.

    142km/h top speed
    183km range in the city or 100km at 110km/h for the ZF9

    And 495000kms out of a battery (well to 80%)
    2hr recharge to 95% charge if you get the fast charger


    Wow, they were doing 100km/h top speed and 95km range just a few years ago


    Oh can we not do the "its not green" cr*p, I don't care (I own a two stroke), I am more impressed about the cheap bike to run which you don't have to pay as much tax for. Do lots more kms for less money.
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. No price yet that i can find. The 2011 was 11ish if i remember correctly
  4. Just realised it was belt drive so servicing is tyres and pads and bearings.

    With the extra initial cost I think break even around 70000 km compared to a commuter of similar power like the ninjette. After that its 70c a recharge for 100km at highway speeds and still has 400000 kms out of the battery, those electric motors go forever so you would only need the suspension done every 100000km.

    I am most impressed how much it has improved though.
  5. I'd consider getting one. The zero reseller in melbourne hasn't responded to 3 emails asking to organise a test ride... that puts me right off though... if they can't answer an email, what's the aftersales gonna be like?
  6. How can you make it louder? :p

    Put playing cards in the spokes?
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  7. it's got some serious gearing by the look of the rear 'sprocket' :LOL:
  8. No gearing I think. Electrics have max torque at 0rpm so don't need it.

    Though I believe Empulse are putting gearing on their electric sportsbike (and watercooling) so we might see it soon.

    Not good to hear Rob. Hopefully they are better now. Action do them here which is one of the major dealers in town (Suzuki and Honda as well).
  9. I like the idea, for me it'd be great, I have about a 10km commute each, it makes a lot sense.

    Max torque at essentially 0rpm, what's not to like? :) I'd like one with a clutch & gearbox though, still need to do wheelies.

    I don't like the price, but I'm sure that will come down in due course.
  10. yes, I realise that, I should have said something about the final drive....
  11. I actually think that a 10km commute is not far enough. Thats only 5000kms a year so it is going to take 14 years to break even.

    If you had a 40km commute you do 20000kms a year so break even is less than 4 years which would make it a good buy. You would still have plenty to make it to work and back.

    I guess it depends on how many other errands you do. Or just wandering around in the city.

    I wouldn't worry about the no wheelies, I see this as a second bike anyway as you couldn't do trips on it.
  12. I don't mind the Zero, it would make a great cheap commuter if the price was more like 7-9K, great vehicle to buy to prepare for the future as long as you can still get batteries for them as the years ago by. And I'm sure you could do wheelies on it, look at how bloody light the thing is. Just get your weight back, pin the throttle and yank the bars. Maybe modify the control box.
  13. These bikes were written up in the Sunday Times in WA yesterday. I don't know the equivalent paper over east. But the article said they go to 114km/h. As the speed limit here is 110, I wouldn't buy one unless it can get to 140. The reason - overtaking 57m long road trains.

    I commented to the missus that if they go to 140 we should look at getting one. The fuel cost savings would be big - I have an 80km return trip commute, and can probably convince work to let me recharge there for any extra side trips. I will investigate these further.
  14. What about theh new KTM dirtbikes?




    The BIG problem with electric bikes of course is that one of the many appeals of motorbikes is the throaty growl of the unleashed beast through decent pipes.

    Two wheeled Prius? **** that !
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  15. Bloody fucken oath.
  16. If these sounds could be generated electronically, would that matter? I'm sure a simple system that matches throttle and engine speed with an ipod pre-loaded with the throaty roar blasted out underneath through a speaker system would be possible that could convince anyone who does not look too closely. Would this be satisfactory? Or is the opposition to electric bikes more than just the sound?
  17. Given that it looks like being about 5l/100km better than its equivalent but about $7-10k dearer my maths has the BeP north of 100,000 km.
  18. I recently had cause to look into the GHG emmission of electric vehicles from a purely recharging point of view.

    It knocked my socks off that for brown coal, there are more GHG's emmitted at the power station stack to charge a bank of batteries than for the same size but petrol engined car to drive the distance those batteries would take you. i.e., less GHG's with petrol. You wouldn't credit it.

    Electric vehicles in Tasmania (Hydro power) or in Fance (predominanly nuclear) would be carbon negative, but in most eastern seaboard areas, it'd be carbon positive.

    Still, I think I'd go an electric motorbike somewhere along the line... when the prices come way down.
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  19. Robsalvv,

    That is why you need to look into all claims about GHG and efficiencies. I am interested in an electric bike (and car) because I generate an excess of electricity from my solar panels. I like getting paid by Western Power for this, but would also like to no longer pay fuel bills.

    For those on brown coal generated electricity, the GHG solution would be to opt for the renewable-power option for their electricity, but this increases cost and hence lengthens payback time.

    I would also like an electric bike for the WTF factor from others.