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2012 Vstrom 650 or 2010 Suzuki Boulevard M50

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Spreadeagle, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Long time reader first time poster!

    Been riding for a few months now on my first bike - Kawasaki VN250 Cruiser. (and before you flame me for being a cruiser wannabe, I chose this bike because I love the feel and style of cruisers, and this was a great bike to learn on!). I feel I have by far outgrown it already.

    I have narrowed it down to 2 choices - 2012 Vstrom 650ABS or Suzuki Boulevard M50 2010. Obviously both very different riding styles. I have read an enormous amount of reviews and hands down the Vstrom offers the most versatility, reliability and extras. What is drawing me to it is the ABS and the dual front discs and read disc, whereas the M50 only has 1 front disc and a rear drum to haul in 250kgs.

    I'm not out to look cool or play sons of anarchy. I have always loved cruisers and love the laid back cruising style - never had an urge to hit corners or go from 0-100 in 5 seconds.

    Anyway, I know I need to decide what riding style I want for the future. I would be using it primarily for a 15k commute to work, and weekrides (perfect for the M50 right), but also plan to do longer trips (2-3days) and perhaps hit a few easy gravel roads for camping spots (perfect for the Vstrom right). m50's seat could get rough for longer trips I hear.

    Test rode both and loved both. Vstrom 2k more more in price than the M50, but comes with a arrow pipe, 12V charger, engine bash and heated grips. M50 with saddlebags and heated grips. Love the look of both bikes. When riding the strom was a bit intimidated at its height and size (i'm 6f 100kg's) but i guess I would get used to it. So nimble for its size!

    So, any tips, anything I should look at taking into consideration? I wrote out a pro's and con's of each bike still cant make up my mind!


  2. Which one made you fizz the most when you rode it? That's the one you buy.
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  3. My only comment would be that the V-Strom would be a lot more versatile.....
  4. Thanks guys,

    So I test rode the m50 - its definitely the bike for me, got a thrill out of it and just felt right.

    BUT, I made a mistake - I was under the assumption I wouldn't be under restrictions, to my horror i'm subject to the 3 years. I had my L's back in 2011, rode for 12 months too, but then went overseas and let them lapse. Then got them again, but now my full license would be issued after Oct 14. Absolutely gutted! I agree with the whole restricting people from going from a 250 - 1000cc sports bike. But the M50 is hardly a danger. I have 2 years riding experience, also rode overseas on a large bike (idiot for not getting off restrictions earlier) and 15 yrs driving on the road.

    I have played with the idea of risking it, but obviously insurance issues are too worrying. Its a shame cause I just can't settle on any other cruisers :( !
  5. I have played with the idea of risking it, but obviously insurance issues are too worrying. Its a shame cause I just can't settle on any other cruisers :( ![/QUOTE]
    Have you tried the Yamaha Xvs650 ? Classic or Custom ?
    They are both essentially the same, but the classics a little heavier.
    See if you can get one for a ride. That's about the biggest LAM's cruiser you can get, and should keep you happy for a few years.
  6. Yes i'm looking into the XVS650. Its surprising how expensive they are - I guess being the only real LAMS options for bigger cruisers. Found a few at the 6K mark so going to test ride one today. I prefer the custom, but checking out a classic today. The other option may be a kawasaki versys 650 LAMS.

    Anyway, thanks for the help. - still missing that M50 :( !
  7. The Hyo LAMS crusier (650cc) gets a few decent write ups from owners.
    Cheaper than the Yamaha and with more power too.
  8. cool, will check it out, thanks.

    Just got back from test riding a 2001 low km's xvs650. Was really smooth and nice, quite a bit of power, felt great actually. This is going to sound a bit crazy, but it was actually too loud for my tastes. It has aftermarket exhausts, the owner was not sure what type, but it was ridiculously loud. Each to their own I guess but it was just too noisy. I'm out to enjoy the ride not blast everyone's ear drums.
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    It probably had short shots fitted. Some guys like them because they are so loud. They were too loud for me too. I had Vance & Hinze Cruzers. They were a bit quieter, and much nicer to be around on long rides.

    And how did the ride and comfort compare to the M50 ?
  10. it was not as smooth as the m50, and the seating position is not as good. when I rode the m50 it just felt right. The XVS650 I could see myself on, but nothing has clicked like the M50.

    Would I really be a risk to the road, damn Victorian legislation. I'm starting to look to possibly a suzuki gladius 650, Kwaka EN-6L or Kawasaki Versys.

    My mate suggested to register the M50 in his name. So tempting but doesn't solve insurance issues though!
  11. Try the custom, it will feel different
  12. Welcome Spreadeagle.

    Sounds like a grown up cruiser is what you're heart is yearning for. The V-Strom is the sensible choice here, but everything you've written about yourself suggest a cruiser is want you really, REALLY want.

    Check out the Kawasaki Vulcan S, LAMS, $10K. Coming sooooon.
    Same engine as the Versys, Er6N and Ninja 650.

    The bonus is that it's ergo adjustable from the factory. Now, that's a nice option to have...
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    Thanks for the welcome Mick. I have spent a long time trawling these forums at work, never posted till now.

    I will check out the new Vulcan S.

    This was the xvs650 i was looking at - They don't look like short shot pipes, its a shame the owner does not know what they are. To me it didn't look like the baffles were in (by far i'm not mechanic - but I did look inside to see if anyone had drilled holes).


    Anyone had any experience with the XVS400? Would it be not powerful enough? When i rode the Kawasaki VN250 it didnt have enough by far, I would expect this of the 400 also?
  14. Yamaha XVS400 ? Or do you mean the Honda ?
    If it's the Yam then it would be a grey import, and I wouldn't go near it.
    Power wise they are supposed to be OK, but they'll be less than the 650's.
  15. Its the Yam XVS400. Yeah I think I will stay away. Now looking into the Honda CB500F 2013 model. Seems to be a good choice.

    Thanks for everyone's help!
  16. Welcome abroad

    Wait few more months ... many manufacturers are coming out with new models. . Test ride what you like and buy it...

    Remember you can always sell if you don't like it ;)
  17. Did you buy a bike Spreadeagle? I had the XVS650 for 6 months and it was ok but I felt that more modern bikes offered more of what's important like comfort, performance and technology and older bikes have more character. The XVS650 falls into the character side of this but it just did have enough more my liking. It's a fine bike, better when customized but it's not a true cruiser like your searching for.

    Have you looked at the new Harley Street 500? I think they could have done better and the new Kawi is probably better but it's worth a look...

    I read recently that Victory/Indian are thinking of a learner bike. Maybe a smaller engine scout?...