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2012 Victory vegas 8 ball

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by philmydang, May 8, 2012.

  1. I figured I'd share a (short) review on my Vegas 8-ball. Purchased 6 months ago, and 5000kms later (weekend rider, I know) I haven't looked back. Love the styling, which I know is personal, lazy grunt and nimble (yes, you read correctly) handling. It's a surprisingly easy bike to ride even at slow speeds, apart from the ground clearance it's fairly chuckable too.

    Transmission is a little clunky, but nothing I can't live with. The bike I test rode was VERY clunky, and I believe they've made revisions on the later models to reduce this. It's a non-issue on my bike.

    My biggest gripe would be the brakes. They're pretty hopeless for anything more than sensible riding around town - which I guess is ok. But for $20K+, I'd at least expect it to outbrake a bike 12 years older, 1/5th the price 2/3rds the weight + equipped with rear drums (you get my drift). Sadly it doesn't. On the open roads it's no big deal with that much engine braking power anyway.

    Would I recommend it? Of course. I've had 5000kms of fuss free riding so far. Sure there's better performing machines out there and I'm not going to defend my bike against some liquid cooled 4 cylinder monster that can put out 200+hp through the front wheel, but still worth a look if you're on the market for a new cruiser.

    Now some photos;
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  2. Who needs brakes when you can use your pipes to settle the rear??!!
    Thanks for the write-up Phil - I've heard nothing but good, but this is the first from someone who actually lives with a Victory...
    And if I was ever gonna buy a Harley, I'm certainly not now...
  3. nice lookin bike, great lines and as NK mentions, brakes? why? lean that much and get around anything :)
  4. Brakes probably don't work cos there is a bicycle tyre on the front ;)
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  5. Good for a ride to the beach and back every third Sunday.
  6. The front disk looks tiny in your picture, optical illusion or true?? So I went off to check the spec's... and I think I can see why it's under-braked.

    They've forgotten to install the other front disk and caliper! :-s

    True!! :eek:

    According to the Victory website at:

    Brake System Type Linked
    Front braking system Dual 300mm floating rotors with 4-piston calipers
    Rear braking system 300mm floating rotor with 2-piston caliper

    I'd be getting that fixed while it's still under warranty. ;)
  7. nice write up - fell a bit in love with the highball when I saw one earlier in the year... its definitely on the list of bikes to own at some point.
  8. Yes it is. Most bikes are I imagine.
  9. at least when you got back to your bike you would be able to recognise it, better than staring at a line up of almost identical plastic fantastics and trying to remember which bike is yours.
    nice honest write up
  10. Very nice, love the styling. When I can afford to add a cruiser to my collection it will most likely be between this or an M109. I think this one looks better, but the 109 has better handling and braking.

    Nice to hear you are very happy with it. Congrats.
  11. And it's cheaper too. I was seriously considering the M109 as well, but the horror stories about their clutch/gearbox issues really turned me off
  12. Supposedly much improved since 2009, when they changed the style of washer used in the clutch pack.

    Some people also have experienced 2nd gear issues, but these tend to be the ones launching at the drag strip in 2nd gear.
  13. i had a brand new K9 M109r, now i have a well used roadliner and the roadliner shits on the M109r from a great height, the 109r is a tad quicker straightline, but only above about 100km/h but the roadliner is just fantastic everywhere, not to mention fit and finish and quality, also in the engineering
  14. Through the front wheel? Now that would be one special bike......
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