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2012 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by philmydang, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Finally.
    Why can't I stop smiling?

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  2. Very nice, I could certainly see one in my stable if cash was not an issue.

    Congrats, how's the ride? Bet it sounds nice with those pipes.
  3. Holy crap I'm in love. Nice bike mate.
  4. Thanks guys. So far it's i've found it to be very well balanced and easy to ride. Wasn't that hard making the transition from the honda shadow, although the pegs sc**** a little earlier into corners than my last bike. More torque than i know what to do with and the pipes have a nice rumble to them, not obnoxiously loud (till you give it some juice).
  5. the look of these bikes has really grown on me, I want one, it would be the best weekend rider ever
  6. You baaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrsssssttaarrrrrrrd!!!!

    I posted one of these up in the "lust" thread ...

    The only Victory I like the look of.. congrats and take care
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  7. Nice!
    Saw one at the sydney motorbike show today. Thats like sex on wheels
  8. Sorry,but to my eye,thats a bag of arse.
    Then again,you probably think that of what I ride.
  9. I gotta admit, they are far sweeter in the flesh.

    So is a bag of arse I guess.
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  10. Headlight and rear guard look shocking,I guess it needs personalising.
  11. I hate it, but in an "at least it's not a Harley" kind of way.....

    Congrats on the new ride mate.
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  12. The 8 ball has to be my favourite Victory, but what is with the name, you know the drug reference.....
  13. very nice looking bike, envious :)
  14. Yeah, nice ride. Is there much available in the customisation dept for these things? Mind you, there's probably not a lot you would need to do...
  15. Nowhere near the same amount of aftermarket goodies when compared to HD but enough to keep me (or anyone else) happy, and broke.
  16. I like it a lot !
  17. I think it has more to do with the actual 8-Ball in pool, the round lines and dark paint scheme.
  18. Congratulations, here in the states a lot of people are going Victory, I would have bought one myself if we had a dealer. For the price they are better than the HD, solidly built.

    Don't let it get nicked, I heard a bloke had his HD jacked ant a signal light at knifepoint. It would pay to look into an advanced alarm/disable system. I have heard of one that uses a remote you keep on you, if you are more than a certain distance and a programmed amount of time it shuts the bike down.