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2012 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Along the lines of the similar 2010 and 2011 threads, continuing the observation of motorcycle related fatalities in Victoria with a view to drawing learnings from available data.

    Rider down rules apply.

    {nothing to report as of thread creation... }
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  2. 1st rider fatality of the year has hit the books. http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/8671-two-seperate-fatals-in-western-victoria.html

    Location map link: http://g.co/maps/zhejz
  3. More info from Bendigo advertiser: http://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au...r-day-on-central-victorian-roads/2420115.aspx
  4. 2nd moto fatality for the year... :(


    2011 Jan Fatalities: 3

    2012 Jan to date: 2
  5. A two up Buell does an endo?? Something doesn't sound right with that description at all.

    Location: http://g.co/maps/5cjqn

    No other media sources are casting more light on this. They've all got the same media release.

    Two intersection incident YTD.

    (p.s. Joe, fatality count is 2 - small typo in your post)
  6. Thanks Rob..
    Just changed it so we anyone reading will know difference between Jan this year and last.
    I know the road where this last accident happened outside of Bruthen and it's fairly open there well away from any twisties..
  7. Not speculating on this incident, but Buell's unusual front brake setup has been known to have occasional problems. Even when working correctly, that front brake is pretty ferocious, and stoppies are (apparently) very easy.

    However I agree that the critical element(s) are not revealed to us here.
  8. I too was thinking about the required brake forces, tyre grip, etc to jam the front wheel to lift the weight of two people forward over handle bars rather than just locking the front wheel..
    You would think there's more to it and the reporting vague or at least too early to any completed investigation..
  9. By the way, just saw an email from the police media unit, they aren't producing the fatalities map any more.

    Why the hell not??!

  10. Anyone reading this, feel free to drop Vicpolnews digital media team a query about the lack of a fatality map (which is a good resource). The 2011 map is still linked on it's site.


    Anyway, just recording that January 2012 has recorded two motorcycle fatalities (RIP). Thought I'd repost this for comparison purposes:

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  11. Radio just reported a U turning stationwagon SMIDSY in Elsternwick Brighton road :(

    Thats 3 fatals YTD.
    2 SMIDSY's
    1 SMIDSY related.

  12. so sad. just waiting for them to say that the bike was speeding now. That's the usual MO isn't it.
  13. :(


  14. Goddam. Why was the fracking ute turning right infront of an oncoming car?

    The incident reminds me of a very important lesson I learned years ago, that it's important to stay out of a car's shadow or car generated blind spot particularly coming up to an intersection.

    4 YTD

    SMIDSY's are getting a hammering. :(
  15. I read that as the bike tried to over take the car that was turning on it's right hand side?!?
  16. Yeah, no oncoming car. Bike overtaking a car turning right.

    Tappin' not talkin'
  17. That's how I read it as well.
  18. On second read, me too. My mistake there. Thx for the correction.

    We were just talking the other day about how carefully considered overtaking dithering cars in suburban streets needs to be. I almost got clipped myself one time from a right turner... They had a left indicator on... that was to jink left before making a right U turn. They has no idea I was behind them.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  19. :(

    Ok not sure what's happening here as I get a F/B notice that said fatal collision but from the below reporting, it seems rider is in hospital.
    Also they usually put the numbers for the year at the end of their report...
    Still a report that could use a bit more description on what happened..

    Geezuz, VicPol F/B notice has now changed the word Fatal to Collision so I've removed the link....
  20. it's not a fatality so doesn't fit the criteria for this thread.