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2012 Triumph Street Triple (Improved!)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by DuaneDibbley, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Because I'm stupid I have decided to sell my 2012 Triumph Street Triple.

    It was bought new in Feb this year and then traded in on a Speed Triple after 800km. I bought it the day after the dealership got it in and the day I passed my Q-ride.
    I've put about 1700km on it and I'm going to be one of those weird people who don't like the bike. I tried improving it but I don't want to end up with a monster of weird ergo changes etc worth nothing to anyone but me so I'm considering cutting my losses and selling up.

    Important Bits:

    Model: 2012 Street Triple
    Odometer: 2550km
    Rego: Rego till feb 2013
    Colour: Purple
    Location: Annerley, 4103.
    Condition: Just about as new (No scratches or dings that I know of!)
    Included Extras: Tank protector sticker thing (meh), genuine Triumph shorty CNC levers, genuine Triumph quick shifter, genuine swingarm spools and original sprocket and throttle grip.
    Optional Extra: Wilbers 641 remote reservoir shock properly set up for a 105kg rider. Has every adjustment known to man and is a VERY quality unit. If you're not a 105kg meat sack it's 100% rebuildable by suspension shops to your specs. Cost me $1,076 in Juneā€¦

    The bike rides beautifully, has had it's 800km service done by Triumph. Then because I'm OCD about what's in my bike I changed the oil and filter for Motul 7100 and a K&N filter about 1000km ago.

    I have swapped the front sprocket for a 15T one down a tooth from the OEM 16T. This smooths up low speed riding a fair bit and combined with the quick shifter transforms the bike into some kind of space ship. Then to make matters even sillier I swapped the throttle cam/grip to that off a Speed Triple which makes the throttle action a bit quicker. The ECU has had the speedo adjusted for the gearing change.

    I'm wanting $11,000 for it without the Wilbers shock (will reinstall the stock unit) or make an offer for the inclusion of the shock.

    Please feel free to make sensible offers. I don't need to sell this bike. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm not trying to finance an emergency coke habit so if I don't make my target I'm not too fazed (my girlfriend will be ecstatic as I'll not be buying another new bike lol).



    Link to folder of larger (and extra) images:
  2. Possibly could consider including the Wilbers for the $11k

    Just hit 2800km.
  3. Just wondering whats wrong with the ergos mate?

    Considered a new set of handlebars and/or getting the seat retrimmed with some extra/less padding? Would cost under $300 all up.
  4. I find the seat to peg distance a bit short and there's something wrong with the bars to me distance but I haven't 100% worked out what yet.

    Going for a new bike rather than creating a bitsa of weird enhancements and stuff I know it's cheaper to change it to fit me but I'd just prefer to get something that fits off the floor.
  5. No worries mate, I hope you can make enough from the sale to make that worthwhile.

    If not, you can do the following to most likely solve your issues for $250-350:
    -Get padding added to seat to lift it up 1-2" - around $100 and will likely solve your peg distance issue.
    -Get new handlebars for under $200 to solve the handlebar issue. Anything from cafe racer style M bars to more upright bars to go with the higher seat position.

    Or you could go with a whole new aftermarket seat, bee's knees adjustable clip ons and maybe even some rearsets for a total of less than you spent on that shock. Either option makes more sense to me than losing thousands on a new bike to fix a relatively minor and common issue. :p
  6. Thanks, I hope I can too! lol.

    I think a large part comes down to me just wanting a different bike as well to be honest. Everything I dislike about the streety is fixable as you say. But I think I just want something different. It's only my second bike so I've still gotta find the subset of rides I gel with...
  7. Man that purple is flat out gorgeous, second favourite on these after the matte orange. Good luck with the sale :)
  8. Sold!

    Traded in on a Nuda 900R ;)
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