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2012 Triumph Daytona 675R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by aussieak, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. #1 aussieak, Feb 3, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
    I said no to a stupid high offer on a track day so I thought I would test the waters again.

    The bike is less than 12 months old
    Bike comes with the following:
    • Rego till June 2013 (RWC included)
    • Triumph Factory rear seat cowl
    • Arrow Slip on exhaust (original included and will be fitted on delivery)
    • Triumph Arrow Rear sets(original included)
    • Westan Flush mount front indicators colour matched Chrystal white( originals included and fitted on delivery)
    • Triumph factory Alarm fitted( includes disable plug for track days or removal)
    • Twinlight 3 ( activates both lights in low beam day and night)
    • Recently replaced front and rear tyres to Conti Sports attack 2
    • CRG RC2 Short clutch and brake levers(black with red adjusters)
    • COX Rad guard
    • Wrist bands with Triumph logo covering both brake fluid holders
    • Puig Racing Double Bubble Screen Dark Smoke
    • All Manuals and Keys
    • Triumph manual bag
    • Tech Spec Tank Grips
    • Fastway Axel Sliders Front and Rear
    Bike has been maintained well and rides well. Bikes been cleaned and polish on a regular basis.
    Bike is currently encumbered and will be released on deposit taken.
    $15,500 ONO

  2. km's?

    Good luck with the sale :)
  3. Oh Dam I forgot that pic. Its at 9500K's and counting. Due for its 10K service soon. Think I will do it before it sells. Cause I am not stopping riding it.
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  4. Why are you selling?
  5. Why not call the 'stupid high offer' person ?
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  6. oh the offer was shit, it was the GUY who was stupid high

  7. I live on an offshore oil rig & I am looking at buying this bike for my son.
    How much do you want for the bike delivered to Sydney?
    Or can my agent pick the bike up? :)

    Seriously, good luck selling. (y)
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  8. Just testing the market and if I get what I want I have some thinking to do. Between Sports Touer or 2 bikes one being a track bike. Yes I have the bug.
    Because I have all riders phone number in my phone but I have run out of credit to call them all.
    Thanks Streety. Sure can please deposit full 15.5K in to my paypal account once cleared and spent on new bikes I will let your agent pick up the bike:) (y)
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  9. It's a very nice, well looked after example. Good luck with the sale :)
  10. Well, THAT was a disappointing reply! :sleep:
  11. Damn cheeky actually - you have to wait until he buys a new bike with the proceeds BEFORE your son gets the bike.

    Still, I suppose there's no hurry... it'll be another 9 years before your son can get his licence anyway.... :LOL:
  12. Get one of these, you will be able to touch the ground on it
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  13. Wow! Selling already........ Good luck with it.... I'm sure you'll find someone wanting to buy..... Rare as hens teeth these bikes.
  14. The new Sports Tourers have Corner Marker Location Technology so you will never miss a Corner Marker again !
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  15. trying to keep up with you 3 bikes in 2 years :riding:
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  16. i might know a bloke, has it been crashed?
  17. So wont be needing this?
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  18. Hahahahahaha
    Straight to the pool room
  19. Lol.....3 in 3 TBH.......

    Hey - If I can sneak another past the missus how can you blame a brother for trying.....
  20. What are you considering as the two bike option ?
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