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2012 Sydney Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride - Sunday, 14 October 2012

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    What is the Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride?
    The Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride is a sponsored charity ride designed to enable the motorcylcing community of NSW to join together, enjoy a fantastic ride and raise money to help in the fight against Breast Cancer.
    How do we raise money?
    The ride raises money for charity in a few different way. Riders and Pillions are charged a small entry fee for participating in the ride.
    Riders and Pillions are also encoraged to get family and friends to sponsor their participation in the ride.

    2011 - Another succesful year!!
    The 2011 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride was another successful year. With over 1000 bikes and scooters all pinked up looking specatular, ready to ride in the beautiful sunshine of the Hawksbury Valley - what more could we have asked for?
    Over $60,000 has been raised for Westmead Breast Cancer Institute which will go a long way towards research to eradicate this terrible disease.


    Ride Route
    https://www.facebook.com/download/165233960279975/Route Illustrated.pdf

    Ive been to these rides every year, awesome rides that wont dissapoint and all for a good cause
  2. Victorian Pink Ribbon Ride is the same day......ending at Werribee again
  3. **** me couldnt understand the route
  4. Easy mate, rouse hill, wisemans ferry, colo river, Windsor, rouse hill
  5. What's wrong with linking to google map directly? Whoever made the PDF, I appreciate the effort, however it is somewhat confusing and counter productive.
  6. Nice, much better! Didn't know you are deeply involved. :applause:
  7. Just follow riders wearing pink :)....................U going Mav?
  8. i'm keen

    if it rains i'm out tho

    not gonna ride to the coast and back in the rain
  9. I cant get any of the map links to work, is it the same as last year?
  10. nah mate different
    rouse hill, wisemans ferry, colo river, Windsor, rouse hill
  11. I cant believe that from a thou or so riders...............my group still managed to get itself lost heheheh.........

    Great day was had by all..........
  12. Was a great ride. I too was part of one of the many groups that headed to Wisemans ferry as opposed to Sackville ferry. But honestly, so many others made the mistake too, it felt like we were in the right place anyhow.
    Hey Azn. I was with Captain Cleavage at Maccas before hand. was nice to meet you in a weird, getting all dressed up in pink kind of way. (I was on the ZRX1200)
  13. Great day, great ride, for a great cause.
  14. Yeah dude, bit hard to forget that cleavage..............costume looked great but I had reservations on how close it was to the wheel :p.

    My handle bar decorations tried to kill me twice on a turn and made my mirrors useless for the rest of the day..............but hot damn, it looked cool blowing in the wind heheheh :).

    Did you guys stay at Wisemans? I didnt see ya guys at the Sackville ferry (huge mistake, Sackville crossing was jam packed).........
  15. Ha, yes, the cape formed a kind of nappy arrangement for when things got rolling. But once or twice we had to remind him.
    When I first saw it my initial response was just that. Looks good, but will be murder in the rear wheel. His response.... Worth it! haha.. Funny dude.

    We made our way over to Sackville after lunch at Wisemans but soon realised we'd be queuing there for ages, so we ended up backtracking into Windsor.
    We saw a few groups do it actually. It got a bit warm in the sun waiting for the ferry!
    It's a nice part of the country out there, so didn't really matter where we were, we still had a ball.

  16. Yeah that was a smart idea, turning back. My group waited for a long time, and each time we thought about turning back.......each time one guy would say, well its one less ferry trip now, why not just wait lol..............

    If they have this same route next year, then im going from Mean Fiddler, straight to Colo Heights to do a couple of laps............before going back to the main checkpoint :). No fun getting stuck behind cruisers all day.
  17. Tis I Capt Cleavage.

    Yeah brilliant day. Just on your last comment I had to agree about the cruisers. Having recently changed from an XVS650 to the Gladius I now realise what a totally different style of riding it is. Those Harleys up front, beautiful big lumps of things they are, just had to slow way down for the slightest corners. Never realised how limited cornering is on a cruiser before now.

    Me and Mendoza already working out costume ideas for next year.
Thread Status:
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