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2012 Suzuki Gladius LAMS

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Cruisee73, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. My first new bike!

    I cant rave about this thing highly enough. I have 9 more months on my P's and wanted to experience something other than cruisers which is all I'd tried so decided to sell my much loved 2009 XVS650 custom and see what else was out there.

    I did the research and liked the sound of the GS 500 and was also interested in the 650 Ninja as it can be unrestricted really easily. Well I tried both of them plus Hyosung's EFI offer and just didn't warm to any of them. The dealer got me to try out the Gladius and I was hooked. This thing handles like its on rails, i cant describe the difference from my cruiser. I dont know how I ever got around a corner past walking speed on it now. Its like changing from a shopping trolley full of rocks to roller blades.

    The power band and the gear changes are just incredibly smooth and my ability to enter and leave corners faster is very cool.

    It's only 15kg lighter than the cruiser yet seems so manageable in traffic or just moving around in the garage.

    Its so maneuverable and fun to ride. Can see I wont be in a huge rush to upgrade once Im on my full license. I got it brand spanker for $9500 from Sydney City in Kogarah.

    No real plans to upgrade anything but the mirrors. They give an excellent view of my large masculine shoulders but I'd like to see whats behind me occassionally. Some blokes go the aftermarket can but I dont mind the quiet of the exhaust. Bloody nice to be able to go for an early ride without waking neighbours three streets away.

    It's nimble, light, has all the features I want. Couldn't be happier.

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  2. From all accounts they're a decent machine, I briefly looked at these and the Kawasaki Versys when I was LAMS bike shopping.
  3. Good value for money, enjoy the bike.
  4. Hi,

    Enyoy I looked at these till I fell in love with the ER-6.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. In my humble opinion, these are the sexiest and most well-specced naked LAMS bikes in existence at the moment. I love my cruiser, but if I had the means to add a second bike to my collection while still on restrictions this would be it. Glad you're enjoying it :)
  6. Bought mine in 2009, still loving it. Definitely one of the most well-rounded, tractable and versatile LAMS bikes available.
  7. Apparently they are a fun bike to ride, pity they look like a Hello Kitty accessory.
  8. Trade you the iPhone cover for the keyring.
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  9. Versys 650L is a ripper, love mine as an introduction to riding. perfect on shitty Sydney roads, never feel a bump. Power and handling are excellent.
  10. So true, when I last rode the wiseman's loop, I was getting walloped all over the shop from the state of the road and my admittedly limited M109 suspension. My mate on his Versys didn't notice a thing. damn fine bikes those little Kwaka's
  11. THAT IS AWESOME.....just confirms my own suspicions...looking to upgrade going onto "P"s from my comfy, cornering VTR250 and the gladius is my pick of the bunch.....safe riding, thanks for the review.