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VIC 2012 Street Triple

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by snipes, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. stolen from north melb some time between 16-20th
    plate is 1G4NL


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  2. Yet another triumph swiped (swiped from snipes!). Hope u get it back in one piece. I'll keep an eye out. Any distinguishing features?
  3. not really, dropped mirrors, cut down levers, rubber worn to the rims, not much tread left...left hand peg scraped a bit.. tbh, trying to work out what bike to get next...maybe r9t, maybe r1.
  4. fcuken dogs hope you get it back
  5. cops called, some kid lowside and then highsided it and left it on the road in sunshine the other night. pretty funny. cop was a fucken weirdo and wouldn't piss off, kept trying to chat on the phone, had to hang up on him
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  6. Did someone lose a Kawasaki? Saw one parked in a very dodgy way tonight near the melbourne CBD. Last letters in the rego where 30N. If it's not stolen, find a better spot to park your bike!
  7. Pricks that steal! It it a write off? And do you have it insured? At least, having been found, you can take repair or replacement action. It looked like a very nice bike from the photo - the Striple always looks very compact.
  8. dunno if write off, don't care. the second i realised it wasn't where i thought it should be i was more concerned with what to get to replace it.

    yea, insured, and paid extra for $0 theft excess.
    shame that they bundle it with temp replacement vehicle etc as i really don't need a rental given that have work and personal vehicles at the house anyways but see how it could be beneficial if i were to lose a bike out in the wopwops and need a rental to come home.