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2012 Snowys Ride 3rd Nov 2012

Discussion in 'NSW' started by streetmaster, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. #1 streetmaster, Jul 15, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2012
    The 2012 Snowys Ride will soon be upon us. 3rd November 2012
    Who's going?
    I'll be doing the same as last year for anyone that is coming up from Melbourne.
    That is splitting the ride up over two days with an overnight stop at Bright..

    Accommodation has been secured at The Jindy Inn thanks to [MENTION=25584]CFVFR[/MENTION] (y)
    Rooms are booked for the Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th.
    Two rooms are booked & filling fast!
    Both Rooms are now filled. If you need accommodation, give them a call.
    So far, committed we have,
    CFVFR (Paid)
    Pilgrim (Paid)
    Biggles (Paid)
    Anto (Paid)
    Greydog (Paid)
    Paying on arrival
    There are other rooms available but once the last spot is filled, you'll have to organize more yourself :)

    We also have a room at Bright at the Bright Motor Inn.
    Sleeps six (up to eight with sharing :eek: lol)
    The room is now full.
    If anyone else wants to come along, we're staying at http://www.brightmotorinn.com.au/index.html
    Contact them to see if there's another room available.
    So far, committed, we have,

    For those coming up to Bright for the overnight stay, we'll be doing the same route as last year.
    Meet at Maccas in Croydon Thursday 01/11/12 (8.30 meet for a 9.00 leave) & start the day off right, with a run up the Reefton Spur:dance:
    Day 1 (01/11/12)
    https://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=mcdonalds near Croydon, Victoria&daddr=Buxton, Victoria to:Jamieson, Victoria to:Mansfield, Victoria to:Whitfield, Victoria to:1 Delany Avenue, Bright, VIC, 3741&hl=en&sll=-37.114336,146.115417&sspn=1.839747,3.56781&geocode=FUVkv_0dyqGoCCEOA_bwS3FMIykFJc8SfjrWajEOA_bwS3FMIw;FdP7xP0dI1evCClX2pixtBEoazEgeKAwpHkFBA;Fajbxv0dWNu1CCmTgzB6zdUnazHAUaAwpHkFBA;Feucyv0dTBq1CCmxzCAMTDUmazFgU6AwpHkFBA;FTgCz_0dVhC6CCkhT5quAvcmazGQWKAwpHkFBA;FQ-Zz_0dBH7CCCnxcrVf2CAkazFBfx8OpHkFEw&oq=Mansfield&t=h&mra=ls&z=9
    Day 2 (02/11/12)
    https://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=1 Delany Avenue, Bright, VIC, 3741&daddr=Tallangatta, Victoria to:Corryong, Victoria to:18 Clyde Street, Jindabyne, New South Wales, 2627&hl=en&sll=-36.164765,147.185898&sspn=0.232825,0.445976&geocode=FQ-Zz_0dBH7CCCnxcrVf2CAkazFBfx8OpHkFEw;FbJg1_0dp8LFCCnb8EBNw-0jazEAV6AwpHkFBA;FVqx1_0d-tXQCCm_zxfW3xkjazGgTqAwpHkFBA;FbhX1P0dCbLbCCkj8O0S8cQ8azGB46orR7mcmg&oq=tallan&t=h&mra=ls&z=10
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  2. Re: 2012 Snowys Ride

    Twas a pleasure last year (guess it can be mentioned now lol) Streetmaster, as it no doubt will be again this year.
    My annual leave is approved so count me in as a definite at this stage.

    We might need to hit the Bright Pub earlier this time :D
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  3. Re: 2012 Snowys Ride

    & planned toilet stops!!!
    No Maccas breakfast for you!! :rofl:
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  4. ill be going with a couple of mates.......for a good cause.

    a whole bunch of engineer/riders whose main worry seems to be how far the motel is from the pub....a bit of a worry since I dont drink and ride.
  5. I'm in Streety!
  6. Count me in again too :)
  7. I'll probably be joining this year :) does the ride go past tallangata? cos i'll be there in November
  8. 4th time for me!
    Jindy Inn for accom I'd say again.
    Last year was awesome!
    Except for poor Johnno!

  9. Runs to check diary


    Shall try my best to be there! Won't know for a little bit though :(
  10. Was awesome GA so try to come along... but get some more chicks so you can share a room with them! You don't want to be in the blokes, more snoring and farting than you could handle. I'm assuming.
  11. Yep, I hate it when chics snore and fart!
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  12. + 1, buts its funny when they do it at the same time.:LOL:
  13. Well I'm coming - assuming I can get time off from what I hope will be a new job by then - and yes, I snore sometimes. Poor GA will have to put up with that again, by the looks of it.

    Altho she tells me I was OK at Jamieson...

    And personally, I don't care who I bunk with. But I suppose I'll have to go buy some night attire of some sort..... 8-[

    For those of use who haven't been before, you'd better fill us in on how this works.

    ETA: aaaaaand... paid.
  14. The accommodation involved 4-5 in each room as I recall, was a good price & easy walk to the pub in Jindy..

    So if you had 3 chicks you could easily share a room at a pretty good price.

    Last year we took Thursday/Friday to get there, did the ride on Saturday & went on our own route on Sunday..

    For the Saturday, there are checkpoints you can go to around the Snowy, you don't really need to even do those, its just so you have 3 stamps on your card & can get in the prize draw..
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  15. It's basically an excuse to leave work and home, ride around good roads, burp, fart and snore with mates for four or so days.
  16. well i am going to try and move heaven and earth to get to this. when do we need to conferm for booking?
  17. The ride itself is not until early November, so plenty of time, we will probably sort accommodation in around a months time, allowing for a couple of variable numbers attending, there should always be plenty of room...
  18. Some rooms had 3 singles & 1 double, others 2 singles & 1 double.
    2 singles are bunks in each room & I am NOT sleeping on the bunk below Anto this year!!!

    Joe can't make it this year :(, so I'll make an attentive booking for the same number of rooms.
    I'll also book a cabin in Bright for those wanting to come up on the Thursday (2 day ride up)
  19. Count me in for the longer trip pls street.. I don't care who I share with - guys/gals OK.

    Had a "oh shit" moment earlier today - thought this was going to clash with another do I have to attend in November (and I CAN'T get out of), but turns out all OK.

    ETA: So what did Anto do last year?
  20. I am a maybe for this.

    I actually already booked the following week in for leave a couple of weeks ago as we always have the day off before Melbourne Cup, so decided I would add the extra 3 days. Wouldn't be much of a stretch to add the Thursday & Friday as well.
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