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2012 RSV4 Factory

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by trd2000, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Hey All, thought i'd join up and share my new toy... then realised i haven't really taken any pictures of it! haha

    Picked it up a few weeks back and it's in getting it's 1000km service, new pipe and ECU map so I'll post something better when i get it back...

    I've just jumped off a CBR600rr and was pretty keen to get something with some character.... and it definately seems to have that.

    edit: removed pics to add smaller one of bike :) with new zorst on.

  2. apologies for the ridiculously large linked pics... this ones smaller :)
  3. Nice ride! Love the look of this bike! Enjoy her! :biker:
  4. Well done mate. Have fun, stay safe.
  5. Phwoooaaaarrrrrrrr.
  6. That's like saying I wanted a pet, so I went and got a 25 ft salt water croc with a bad attitude! :)

    If I may offer you a suggestion....:)

    Before lighting the after burners, please strap yourself firmly to the bike.

    They are the F-22, of the bike world. They are'nt for me, but still an awesome bike!
  7. lol yeah i love it cause its a very angry bike, and it just wants to go faster...everywhere, all the time.

    strap yourself to the bike's about right... I picked it up from its first service esterday with the new pipe and ECU... the traction control had defaulted back to level 1, and i didn't know. i went to pull out from stationary onto st kilda rd and the back wheel lit up and stepped about a foot sideways... fun times when your not expecting it.
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  8. We have two of the RSV4's 2012 model, this machine is sssoooo much fun to ride its ridiculous......I did the comparisons against the Kawasaki, Honda and BMW, they were slugs in comparison, but hey...peeps that know ride Aprilia.:D

    Cheers B
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  9. My next bike......THE best sounding/looking bike on the road bar none! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Soooo nice! Congrats!

    I wish Aprilia did a 600cc supersports... one day! :grin:
  11. Nice spaghetti bike!
  12. Wow, just Wow! i'm extremely jelly!


    I'll be the first to put my hand up now to purchase that from you whenever you are ready - be it 2 years, 5 years or 10 years from now!

    The only thing better would be the Special All Carbon Fibre Edition :wink:
  13. lol, i thought about it....
  14. I came back to drool over your bike. No other bikes in this section interest me as much. 2nd choice would be the BMW S1000RR, but they don't top the RSV4's.

    More pics, more pics! :biker:
  15. i havent really got many pics of mine just yet... spose i should take a few. shame you're in sydney, i took it down to the learner practice in melbourne this morning :)
  16. It is a nice bike indeed up close. And it does sound the part too. :applause:
  17. best bike on the planet that is one bad ass rig, congratulations.

    looking into a tail tidy yet?
  18. got a tail tidy just put off putting it on as i feel bad cutting the indicator wires on a brand spanking bike lol
  19. couple of pics from tonights outing...