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2012 Road Race Schools at Broadford PMCC

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. 2012 Race Schools
    The dates for this year have been sorted for the 2012 Road Race Schools at Broadford. They are!

    Sunday May 13 th

    Saturday, November 3rd

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  2. For those that worry, care, feel it's important, contemplate (about) these things,

    May 13 is Mother's Day.......
  3. My mum lives in perth so hello race school
  4. My mother lives in Tasmania...

    The worrying one is November... Pretty close to the Mrs' birthday, so it depends whether she has her birthday weekend the week before or after her birthday...
  5. if i book in advance and forget that its mothers day...
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  6. Don't forget to book in guys/girls.=D>
  7. Any details on the day itself? schedules, summary of the day, etc.

    Couldn't find anything on the PMCC forum other than the entry form.
  8. i'm in, with 2 others. was a great day last time, looking forward to it again!
  9. What's the cost?
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  10. Thanks Jap. :D
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  11. might come for a ride, if i can get someone to drive me to the track!
  12. Will be looking forward to it!!!

    JimmyD, I'm sure someone would be able to give you a lift or I have a spare spot on my trailer.
  13. jimmy, you get to my place and ill give you a lift :p

    gotta book in, keen for some more learning!
  14. "Learning"??? Don't you mean "leaning"? :D
  15. there might just be some of that too! i feel like i still have heaps to learn!

    are you gonna be up there again mate? :)