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2012 R1 Leaked on Visordown

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sheeth, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Visordown:

    YAMAHA'S 2012 R1 came tantalisingly close to making it as far as it's official launch time – 5pm GMT tonight – without any early leaks. But as usual the internet fairies have been working their magic and the info has managed to get into the public domain a tad early.

    So, what's the score? Well, not much has changed. As expected, there's a special version of the bike to celebrate Yamaha's 50th anniversary in GP racing, plus new colours. The bike's nose has been slightly modified to distinguish it from the 2009-2011 model, but in terms of chassis and engine things are much as before.

    The ECU has been remapped, most importantly to incorporate a new seven-setting traction control system, which is above and beyond the existing three-way throttle map – something the new bike also keeps.

    The top yoke has been redesigned to look more like the one of the firm's M1 GP bike, but apart from that the metal bits haven't been altered in the slightest.

    While the pictures you see here, via TMCBlog.com, don't show the changes to the nose very clearly, it seems the air intakes have been reshaped and the plastics changed very slightly; the existing bike's black plastic section 'twixt nose and side panel has vanished. It also looks like the heat shields on the exhaust have been subtly altered.

    All in all, not too much to put the fear of the R1 into the likes of BMW's S1000RR, but the changes, allied to the bike's oh-so-usable crossplane-crank engine, could boost it back into contention


    I'll update this thread when the official details come though tonight.

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  2. Mehhhhhhhhhhh.

    The 2012 Fireblade though... now that looks HAWT.

  3. I must admit I have like the R1's but the side on shot of that makes the front end look fugly and that's coming from someone who bought a '09 Blade :)
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  5. Oh and I'm not digging the fairing mounted indicators. The least they could do is give them clear lenses however one of the things I like about the blade and I think the Gixers have them as well is the indicators on the front of the mirror housing.
  6. fairings look awesome.
  7. looks like it was punched in the nose and now looks like a cbr 1000 rr
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  8. Nonsense, it looks exactly as it did last year.

  9. the downside of that is that it makes the mirrors a lot more expenisve to replace if they are damaged, doesn't it....
  10. not sure I'll ask the insurance company :p
  11. meh !!
  12. I like the fairings...apart from that, the bike is mostly unchanged.
    Shame, considering the competitors are adding more in terms of electronics and gadgetry to their machines.
    Still, it's an R1... not much more needs to be said :D
  13. Saying something bad about a Yamaha, ok what have you done to Takamii?
  14. I'm happy, small improvement(s) for a mid life upgrade. I'm sure Yamaha considered changing nothing and I'm glad they've done something to keep up with the competition.
  15. I am kawasaki curious
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    Hahahaha!! Might have to change you signature line (or just not tell your mates...)
  17. Purely on the basis of looks, I liked the '03 model the best. Each new one that comes out is getting further away from that. The best looking bike made today, in my humble opinion, is the 1198.

    2003 was a really good year for styling on Japanese sports bikes. The 600 Honda was another classic.
  18. I was trying to decide wether or not to wait and get the 2012 R1. I ended up getting this years model about 6 weeks ago. And to be honest I am kind of glad I didnt wait.
    I am assuming the '12 will be the last one of this shape.
    Stupid thing is though, even though they are minor cosmetic changes, it will stuff alot of people up. With the '11 I have the advantage of being able to use parts from 09,10 and 11 bikes. Aftermarket stuff is really easy to come by.
    By having even a small change on the new bike, may make some parts not compatible such as fairings and lights and stuff. Seems like a stupid mistake on yamaha's behalf.
    Either way I am happy with my purchase, and even happier that I decided to pull the trigger when I did. I would have been dissapointed if I had of waited for next years model.

    Just my thoughts
  19. oh and to top it off. Australian Motor Cycle magazine just got a 2011 R1 as a test bike. So hopefully I will be able to get some good advice and tips on setup etc :)
  20. I dono R1ben, they've got to do something to keep up with the competition. Little changes might be enough to put the R1 back in the thick of it with the other new Open class bikes. I for one and happy theres something new from yamaha to Drool over.

    We can all expect the major update in a year or 2.

    PS the changes are now official and can be viewed at Yamaha.com


    Very interesting read!!