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2012 or 2014 Kawasaki ER6NL?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Greed, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been looking to get a bike after recently getting my L's.

    I have drilled my selection down to two bikes, identical, however very different.

    One is a 2014 Er6nl that has only done 400kms and has no modifications.

    The other is a 2012 Er6nl with 14,xxxkms that has the following modifications:
    custom IXIL exhaust
    - shorty levers
    - custom clear tail light
    - tail tidy
    - rim stickers
    - oggy knobs
    Both are roughly the same price, give or take $200 and have the same rego remaining.

    Can someone give me a recommendation as to which one I should choose and why, because I am stuck.

  2. Howdy GreedGreed

    LAMS bikes are not meant to be modified in any way that improves their performance. As long as that exhaust doesn't do such a thing you should be cool. The tail tidy is a tricky one as people have been pinged for having them , and there are guidelines they need to follow.

    Some people like to throw caution to the wind and just say stuff it ill put on whatever i want, you know better to ask for forgiveness than permission n all that.

    Personally , in my opinion, I would go the standard bike for the following reasons

    a) i wouldn't want any unwanted attention or questions when being pulled over.
    b) insurance, will they cover you with the mods (best to check before buying bike)

    It's your choice at the end of the day, but the standard 400 kms sounds a lot better than 14K and possible issues

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  3. Hi,

    My LAMS bike was a 2012 one of these I put 18,000 trouble free KM on her before I traded it for my current ride. I left it completely standard as I knew I was only going to be keeping her for 12-18 months.

    My 2 cents worth get the 2014; if you want to do mods they will be ones you decide to do.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. The newer one. For the same price there's no question about it, its almost brand new...unless you really like the look or colour of the 2012 one. Apart from the exhaust most of those extras don't cost that much anyway.
  5. Hi All,

    Thanks for your help, you've made some points I hadn't thought about.

    I've decided on going with the 2014 model, its a better colour as well.

    Now I just need to purchase the gear!

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  6. Picked up the bike last week!

    Thanks for you recommendation

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  7. Awesome choice, and awesome looking bike in the end!

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  8. Cheers Mate, Picked it up for $7,000 with 350kms on the clock, previous owner bought it new in Feb 14. I got a pretty good deal, I think anyway...