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2012 Ninja 650RL

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by spectre8491, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. After the epic saga of looking at hundreds of bikes, decided to cave and go with the new 2012 Ninja. Pics to come after I pick it up once I get back to Oz.

  2. I wish they would stop calling every farking bike a ninja, seriously, use that name on the sports bikes, zx10 or zx6.

    The Ninja 1000 would have been the z1000sx, & The 650rl is I believe, essentially an er6, so why the fark didn't they call it the er6f (which I think they did do in the past..

    I can just see the Kawasaki Australia sales team, send em a new bike & they sit there going "thats so ninja"..

    Anyway back on topic, nice looking bike, the new fairings are a little more aggressive than previous, although its nice to see a Kwaka green, the black is boring as hell, I liked the previous blue & even the orange wasen't too bad.
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  3. The Swing arm and dash a lot better then the old one as well. hmm I would hate too see what my resell value will be like in Nov with this new model out :( Hoping to upgrade to a real Ninja. then

  4. Yeah, the whole Ninja thing is just a sales pitch to get people to buy it cos it sounds cooler. As you said, it is an er6f, but here they whack the Ninja tag on it. Guess it sells more bikes that way.

    Must admit, the Ninja tag was what attracted me at first, but after doing research on quite a few bikes, decided to settle on it, and I do like the aggressive styling, even though it is a LAMS bike. Looking forward to picking it up in a few weeks.
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  5. I think they've been called Ninja 650's in the US for years, its just bringing the names in line worldwide.

    And they're a great bike, imho. Wrong number of cylinders, of course :)
  6. Loving the new look of these, the two piece seat and the few small other changes really seem to set them off.
  7. Uh oh :rofl:
  8. he is still to tall for it LOL
  9. Been looking at new bikes, have been debating going and asking Frenchie for the ER-6n back TBH, it seems like unless I get a Multistrada or something I'm too tall for everything, LOL.
  10. Bloody hell - how tall are you?

    What about a triumph Tiger 800C-XC?
  11. Ahaha, 6ft3in, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go the striple, was a bit cramped but controls were positioned well etc etc then in a year or so look at my options again (I'm hiding behind I'm a newbie rider, I need to find the "right bike" for me.

    I would go one of those Tigers for sure but they're out of the budget at this stage.