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2012 ninja 250r shipments?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bloodnikita, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hello All,

    I was wondering when kawasaki will be delivering the 2012 ninja 250r to Australia/Queensland?

    They are advertised on the website and on sites like bikesales.com.au but none of the dealers I spoke to had any idea about when they might arrive.

    I have just finished my iPhone4s hype - Time for some ninja hype!
  2. Any reason why you are waiting for 2012 model, the only difference is the stamp on the chassis. The only change they made was they removed the R from the name so it's just Ninja 250.
  3. Hopefully straight to the tip where the pieces of shit belong. Honestly your going to drop like 8k on a 20 year old commuter scooter with fake race fairings?

    are you ****ing retarded?

    Anyone who is too stupid to buy a brand new ninja is too stupid to ride to be honest, you just wont survive because riding needs a certain levels of intelligence.
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  4. i hope you get hit off your shit honda by a b-double you stupid prick.
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  5. ive heard going to be waiting a while, there isnt even much current stock apparently
  6. Realisticaly will there be much of an 'update'?
    last model was simply white facia gauges anda black exhaust can.

    is EFI a chance on these now? considering its use in other markets.
  7. No EFI. 2012 is the same as 2011

    Mines sitting in my driveway. It was a 6 week wait.
  8. Oh gee, no EFI.
    ahh well, we only live in australia...

    6 weeks sounds like a commited wait 'Aly', was it a wait from thailand or another AUS dealer?
  9. 6 weeks was short compared to a lot of people waiting. There is a manufacturing backlog. I think I had it a week after it hit Australian shores.
  10. Still waiting for a call from the dealer about this. I would have been happy to get the 2011 ninja as it would have been cheaper however none of the dealers I went to had any left in stock.

    So I'll keep waiting until they are available. I'm hoping to get a red one.
  11. How do you manage it then you ignorant cunt?
  12. Language funkmonkey language :)
  13. Sorry Aly, he had it coming.
  14. Just laugh. I'm happy to die :)

    He was a couple of grand off his price quote anyway. Mine was sub six grand.
  15. Oh im laughing :p more at the truth to what ive said!

    Was nice meeting you today btw :)
  16. I didn't say you were wrong :)

    Nice to meet you too.
  17. Buy a CBR250R, Cheaper, and EFI!
  18. Yeah Ninjas are shit, the CBR250 is cheaper, has EFI, ABS and a digital speedo. Hyosung GT250r is another option with dropped race style handlebars, twin discs at the front, EFI and digital speedo.

    When there's 20 years worth of 2nd hand Ninjas on the market, why waste money on a new one?
  19. Oh shit... better take my bike to a wreckers yard then. I dont have a digital speedo. Thats extremely important you know. Digital speedos. Cant live without em in this day and age.
  20. CBR250r in Single Cyl. though...