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2012 Ninja 250R right indicators not flashing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by gguru, Apr 21, 2016.

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    I've read another topic about this problem for this specific bike but it was kinda outdated.
    So my bike hasn't been ridden in 3 months (suspension) however every couple of week I turned it on to check if the lights and indicators etc are working (which they did), then as soon as I got my license back I started my bike up, checked the lights, indicators and everything and they worked. As soon as I got home from an 80km commute (slightly raining) I realised my right indicators weren't working. The front right side wasn't even on and the rear right side was solid (not flashing). I've done some research and found out this is possibly a relay problem however I haven't touched my bike (stock indicators), how do I go about fixing this issue?

    ps. oh and my bike was parked outside for the 3 months, slightly under cover / bike cover as well and i did find a couple of spiders under the seat lol

    Any help will be much appreciated

    EDIT: just re-reading this I remembered it might be water damage because the kick stand is on the left side and the left side indicators worked perfectly, but I'm not sure about my theory.

    EDIT2: After some further research, an indicator that's not on and another that's solid means a blown bulb, hopefully it is :)
  2. Yeah replace the bulb that's not working with one from the other side and see what happens.

    Oh and congrats on getting the licence back! Looking forward to some more rides with you :)
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  3. Thanks 69SIM69SIM I switched them around and now they seem to all be working :) Looking forward to riding with you guys soon! :)
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