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2012 KLX250S First gear problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cala90, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    I apologise if this is in the wrong section. About a month ago I bought a 2012 KLX250S, after a few rides for some reason it's becoming hard to put into first gear. Sometimes it goes in without any problems and other times it won't go in at all. The neutral light flicks on and off when I try to put it into gear but that's all that happens. The problem has happened while riding on road but it seems to be more of a problem up bush. Hoping someone can shed some light on this!


  2. I had to 2010 KLX250S. Occasionally I had trouble putting it into first. But I fond this on alot of other bikes as well. Try Gently releasing the clutch and re engaging the clutch then try 1st gear again. That alwasy worked for me. You could also change the oil and make sure the stuff you put is meets the manufaturers spec. The wrong oil can make it harder to get gears.
  3. Thanks for the reply Senetor. Releasing the clutch works sometimes but unfortunately the majority of the time it doesn't. I changed the oil and oil filter last week with Motul 5100 which does meet the manufacturers specs according to the manual.
  4. Sounds like it may be something more serious than the basics, so unless you are a good mechanic, it may need to go back to the dealer. Sounds like somthing may not be aligend quite right in the gearbox. These bikes are usually very sound and solid so unless there is someone out there in the forum that has some other ideas to throw at you, i'd suggest taking it to a Kawasaki dealer and get them to sort it out. You may even get it through under warranty.
  5. i found on mine that if i press on the peg while i slip the clutch out it will sort of jolt down into first
    also, +1 for being named matt and having a KLX250s, that is truly the greatest combination, not to toot my own horn or anything
  6. Boy was I glad to see this post- I had been feeling more demented than usual because I have a 2014 Kwaka 300 Ninja and have had the same problem- just had a service 2 weeks ago for 1000km and mentioned it- they said was 'running' in issue and would sort itself out. I call BS.
    Another thing that has happened at lights on a corner plus uphill I took off in first changed gear and she went into neutral and didn't want to shift- thank goodness for darker pants...Someone said na your not pulling the clutch in- sorry but BS- newbie I am but not that useless. I look even more of a knob at the lights when tapping down to get first and it won't happen> I have found that I have to almost do the equivalent of a cage double shuffle to get to first- crazy and dangerous! I am taking her back and leaving here until this is fixed to my satisfaction...so there...:troll:
  7. Thanks guys. I spoke to my local Kawasaki dealer and they're gonna check it out next week and let me know if it's a problem that will be covered under warranty!

    Mizmolly, sounds like you're having the exact same problems as me so it's definitely not a running in issue. My bike's done just under 15,000km so it's well and truly run in. I'd take it back for sure and demand they check it out under warranty (especially for such a new bike!).

    I'll keep this thread updated with what happens!

  8. This may or may not be the same issue I have on my zukiplull up at lights downshifting as I go, sit at lights for a few mins then pull off. Sometimes it's really stiff to put it into second and third. Bikes done 6k from new. DOSENT happen all the time. Just had the second service so will monitor it.
  9. Hi there, my '11 klx250 can be fiddly to get into first if I'm sitting still at the lights. I get the odd false neutral, light goes out but doesn't engage second. This happens mainly with low revs / speed like at the servo or in carparks. On the move and in the dirt it's a non issue.
    If I want to look like a tool in the carpark and double clutch downshift it doesn't happen either.