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VIC 2012 Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 ST

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Hi peeps, I have my Ninja up for sale as I have bought a bohemth BMW.
    OK the Ninja is bog standard except for the heated grips, V Stream black screen which deflects the wind off and over [unlike the curved original] and orignal is a maybe depends if ex lets me back into the property, it has a ventura rack which is only about 12 monts old, it has replace the passenger grip handles again is If I can get the original handles I shall. Bike has a sargeant seat which I bought off a fellow netrider and orignal seat comes with bike too, I have a couple of Axle nuts as you may be aware these can wear down easily on these bikes. LED parking lights stand out better than the headlight yellow to be honest. great reliable bike. No test pilots please, license will be photo'd prior to you taking it for a spin and cash in hand too, you drop it, you own it, that simple. any quesitons please ask, I will post pics up as soon as I wash it :) in th mean time screen shot and sevrice time with Charlie Q on here as well. had had new plugs , K&N filter put in, new brake pads, sprockets, DID chain. JMS did last service at Sunshine Nth and MMTS provides tyre service for every bke of mine too. msg me if you have any questions, thanks

    $9400 ono 46k on clock

    Note kms are 47xxx and a pic showing leds which do stand out

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  2. Looking to sell asap price drop to $8400
  3. anyone interested taking offers over 8K atm, rego runs out Dec16