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2012 Kawasaki Er6nl.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by trolley, May 5, 2012.

  1. I've Had the bike for a couple months now and absolutely love it. i did the first 1000kms in a week and a half.

    Heres some pics

    sorry about the size of the pics. couldnt get them to come up any smaller.

  2. Best LAMS bike on the market IMHO...
  3. They're Ok. Rode a mate's - didn't light my world on fire but an Ok LAMS ride.
  4. Gorgeous bike!!! Wish I could afford one :(
  5. Hi,

    Love the rim tape - who's is it ?

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. Lol :)
  7. What would you consider better? (genuinely interested)
  8. Duc 659 easily and CB400. Both cost more, mind you. But not so much more that they're poor value.
  9. I test rode the 659 but at 15K I cant say the 6K difference to the ER6N-L is worth it - but yeah - beautiful bike. Will save the salivating over a Duc when I'm off my restrictions.
  10. If you pay $15k for the Duc I think you're paying too much.
  11. Have you pushed for a better price? What range did you get it down to?
  12. Nah, I have seen people saying they paid ~$12k on road for the non ABS. I ride a CB400 and have no interest in a restricted motor. The Duc has significantly nicer equipment than the Kawa.

    Not to take away from the OP's new bike. I was set on the ER6-nL for my first bike as well. Until the last minute and I rode the CB. But they are a very popular bike. Must be a reason for it too ;)
  13. the rim tape is from pro grip.
  14. Just my biased opinion (for post full license). Ride the duc, then a street triple. Then decide.
  15. Hey, planning to get one of these, are they good?? how easy to de-restrict ? Sales man said they are ease to de-restrict but have to re-register?
    does anyone know if there is any best deals going around? cheer