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2012 Kawasaki ER-6N Accessories

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by maxwell2022, Mar 4, 2012.

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  2. I had a scorpion on my ER6n - sounded great!

    A mate put the Arrow Darkline on his 650RL and hated it so much he went back to stock.....
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  4. Tail tidy really cleans up the rear..... Looking good guys!

    These new generation Er6n's are great looking bikes.....
    I'm glad I've owned one....... This thread is making me wish it was the 4th gen (y)

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
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  6. Possibly a silly question but why are those enormous fenders the default in the first place?
    Good job btw...
  7. It's a legal and compliance requirement. There must be a 45Deg angle which can be traced from the rear axle to the end point of the fender - usually to the reflector mounted on the final piece of the tail - the reflector itself MUST be the final point in the length of the bike, that is to say that the reflector MUST be overhanging the rear wheel.

    So essentially - these Fugly "fenders" are another beige wearing bureaucratic overhead we have to comply with....](*,)
  8. hmmmm! my seat cowl fell off whilst riding today. now its all scratched up..
    not very happy with kawasaki.
    (got it all on gopro as well so i'll get the video up soon.)
  9. ^ I'd be interested to see that.....

    Damn shame mate :(
  10. wooo! should be getting a two brothers exhaust installed on wednesday. sooo keen.
    will definitely be posting up a video of before and after for you all + the video of my rear seat cowl falling off. ( just a bit computer retarded so bare with me)
  11. I think Kawasaki make a really good bike cover-covers the whole bike.
    You will never look back .
  12. bahahaha got my exhaust today.. sooooooooooo loud. i see myself getting pulled over in the near future.
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    Found a new video of the 2bros.
    I can't edit the first post of this thread for whatever reason so I paste it here:

    ]Video 1[/URL], [URL="
    ]Video 2[/URL]
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  17. ^ That sounds tough...... (y)
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    I think that the old muffler of the previous ER6 installed on the 2012.
    When I contacted them back in April they told me that they were planning to release one specifically for the 2012 model but not before the end of the year.

    Sound wise it's good but it's not optimised for this engine.
  19. If you really want to see the wizardry one can pull off on these kawas you should check out mordeth13's videos on youtube. He rides a ninja 650r, which essentially is just a faired version of your Er-6n. He's made a couple of videos showcasing the stuff done to the ninja (and on the cheap too). These cover everything from handlebar mods, to some device that lubes the chain intermittently, and automatically. Not sure what the latter is called exactly. I'm sure someone will know.
  20. Not sure if this link has been posted before....

    As a previous ER6n owner, this was THE GUIDE

    A little outdated, however still lots of great info