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2012 Husqvarna TE310

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by j-rad, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Well I had to post up about my new bike.....purchased a 2012 TE310 from local dealer, collect her this weekend!

    Been lucky enough to have a dad who raced enduro's through the 80s/90s and I always rode his bikes around the farm. I was 11 when I first swung my leg over dad's massively (to me as a young kid) tall WR125.

    The bus ride into town for school was usually around 60-70mins so we'd all talk bikes. A few of my mates would give me sh1t like 'What's the PAL dog food ratio for your husky' and similar sort of stuff. But I got the last laugh when they showed up on their DT175/200s and blew them all into the weeds hahahaha

    I got into road bikes at age 20 with my first being a 96 GSXR750. Had a few more road bikes then in 2004 got back into dirt riding on a brand new TE250. The bike was amazing and I loved being back on board Team Husky....Once family life had settled down I sold the dirt bike to return to road racing properly and have missed it ever since!

    Test rode the bike last weekend and it was simply brilliant. Being a fairly small guy the 450s are too big/heavy and the 250s don't have enough berries. The mid sized Euro offerings are right up my alley!

    Will post pics with the few extra's I've bought but here's a teaser :)

    If there's anyone in the ACT/NSW region who has some inside knowledge for their area (for single tracks) let me know as over the coming weeks/months I will be out doing alot of riding. Sunny Corner + a few other rally style rides with the old man, keen to do Fraser Is again so willing to travel to meet up with some new peeps/trails! :D

    Til then peace out!
  2. So have had a few rides on the new dirt bike. . . very happy with my decision. The change from Marzzochi forks and Sachs shock (which I had on my TE250) to Kayaba front and rear for 2011/12 has mad a decent difference in how the bike tracks...

    Front end on my then brand new 04 TE250 was (esp from new) very stiff. It took around 1200kms for the suspension to free up a little before we could set it up. The TE310 I've now got is SOOO much better from *new*....it certainly won't need 1000+kms for it to bed in properly so can get the suspension tweaked sooner V later....

    I had a full Ti Akro system ordered for it, which was out of stock and on B/order so decided to keep the OEM Leo Vince (which is a good system anyway) and used the $$ for some proper knee braces, new helmet and so on....

    I did have the race ECU/Injector combo/re-tune done before I even turned it over. Also added an alloy bashplate, red Force RAD guards and have a few anodised bits coming too....



  3. very nice me likely long time
  4. Wow congrats man! it looks sick! have you ridden 450's before, if so how does this compare?
  5. there is not much J-rad has not ridden or raced
  6. Hi chris, thanks mate, the bike is awesome in every way so far. Alot more poke over the 250s and for me personally doesn't carry the extra size and weight of the 450s. Even the 'Berg FE390 feels a bit big again for me. My step dad loves his but he's closer to 6foot and 100kg whereas I am only 5'10 @ 62kgs. Don't get me wrong the 450's are great bikes but they do have a tendency to wear you out real quick. The 250s are like a Surgeons scalpal esp thru single track and 450's feel like sledgehammer. The 310 is purrrrrfect. The 2 ecu maps make a big difference and can be changed on the fly. Map 1 is aggressive, really barky and map 2 tames it a fair bit. Lap times on the flat track felt quicker with map 1 when in fact map 2 was allowing better traction and smoother lines so was a bit quicker in the slippery conditions.... I may write a proper review in a few weeks ;-)
    Haha thanks Tak, I've been lucky to ride a few bikes in my day! All at the ripe old age of only '28' lmao so I knows what I likes when I rides it and 450 would only work for me as a motard hint hint