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2012 Husqvarna Nuda 900R

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by DuaneDibbley, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. #1 DuaneDibbley, Jan 2, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2012
    Tentatively putting this up for sale as I'm just not using it much any more.

    Awesome bike and I'm very happy with it. I went through three different ones to get to it and I'm glad I did. But it makes me sad seeing it here rarely being ridden.

    No blemishes at all.
    2130km at the moment
    First service completed per schedule by caboolture husqvarna
    Rego till sept 2013 (dual seat)
    Incredible Brembo brakes - seriously hardcore brakes :D

    Asking $13,000 or thereabouts







    Reserve the right to cancel the sale etc[DOUBLEPOST=1357106035,1356690224][/DOUBLEPOST]Price is a little negotiable. If I've not been lowballed too much I might throw in some other stuff I wouldn't need any more. (Pitstand/chain lubes etc)
  2. Wishing you luck on selling it - and if the Lotto balls drop, I'll give you a call!

    In the mean time... did you get used to the brakes? You mentioned them in your post, and every review I've read of this said maybe they're too much... which almost inclined me toward the non-R version.

    But you'd think with practice, and some care early on, you'd get used to them. Bit of e-braking practice and such... or do they remain scary?

  3. After about 10km of using them in Brisbane traffic I found them not a problem at all. If you're clueless as to what type of brakes are attached to the front end you could do yourself an ouchie but I found I adapted very quickly and haven't once scared myself.

    They don't have to be applied in a vicious fashion either, you can quite easily come to a very smooth stop. I think some of the initial fright of the brakes is because the forks have quite a lot of travel and it feels like the front end has taken a dive (which it hasn't really).
  4. Yeah, that makes sense, if you came off a road bike onto this that would feel weird.

    Cool, thanks... and now just the offerings to the Lotto gods remain... ;)
  5. Getting used to it from the Street Triple wasn't hard. It's still a road bike. It's not really a Motard other than the styling and long travel suspension.

    Haven't felt the desire to ride this in a week :(

    Price is negotiable...
  6. Good luck on selling it.

    Where you able to connect with this bike on an emotional level, that you couldn't with the Street Triple?
  7. Yep, soon as I rode this one it felt 'right' in all the ways the street triple didn't.

    It's an awesome bike that I just cbf putting gear on to ride anymore :p
  8. Washed it today... Here's some new pics (which look very much like the original ones)...





    Getting pretty close to wanting to sell this thing now. I think I would accept $13,000 if someone offered it.
  9. Why do you want to sell so soon?
  10. Just not interested in riding any more. I like looking at the bike in the garage but just have no desire to get on it and ride.
  11. #11 blackadder, Jan 13, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
    what's wrong with you???? its only got 2000km, thats fcukin 2.5 weekends.. you sold the other one with about the same kays too.. jeeezzz.. ride the damn thing- if you can't be bothered this week you might want to next week or a month later.. if you stay at a friends place for one night do you sell your house??? :p

    good luck with sale.. ;)
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  12. Hahaha! Yeah, I'm not one for keeping something for very long. The bike hasn't seen the end of the driveway for two weeks at least now. And maybe only once in the fortnight preceding that. I just have no desire to ride any more. It's not just cos I don't like the heat either. Just not feeling it anymore. All my regular riding mates have stopped riding and I lack the motivation to go by myself 99% of the time. Work means I'm often working weekends and can't get to the mountains and work is only 5km away so riding to work in peak hour is a pointless exercise in frustration and sweat. I LOATH sweating...

    Basically I'm just a big girls blouse who can't hack the negatives of riding :p

    I'm also simply enjoying driving my car more than the bike... I like that I can fling the car around and get a little raggedy without coming too close to my limit of skill and vehicle capability. To approach anything like that on the bike and I'll be WAY exceeding my own (limited) ability and just asking for a stay in hospital.

    I could get leathers and do track days and superbike school etc to further my skills as a rider but I don't have the time or motivation to do that...
  13. Am looking for a roadie, so I'm watching this ad veeeerry closely
  14. Well the bike hasn't moved since I washed it :( Price is negotiable.
  15. Say a prayer for this one - he's died inside :(
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  16. Yep pretty much.

  17. SOLD!

    Thanks all
  18. Congrats mate, well done.
  19. Cheers. Very easy going sale and to a bloke who'll appreciate it.

    Good outcome for all.
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