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2012 Honda CBR250R

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  2. That's a very nice-looking bike to start riding on. The fairing has a resemblance to its bigger cousin, the Honda VFR1200F. I wonder if we'll see that fairing start to appear on some of the other CBR series motorcycles?
  3. Cheers man!
    Yeah, I reckon it's not bad looking for a reasonably inexpensive/entry-level bike.
    The Honda's are looking pretty nice these days, even the nakeds, like the CBs are quite nice.
    I just Googled the VFR1200F - so sexy! I'm not sure I'd consider one though - quite powerful and pretty heavy.
  4. Yes nice bike. I am biased as i have the same bike, red, even same year model 2012. I am off my "L's" but still learning. I had a cb125e before this and think the cbr250r is a nice progression. I live in Sydney and used the cb125e to pass my test to get my "P" license. For novices like myself, I think the cb125e is the best bike for doing the test. I plan to keep my cbr250r till I am really sure i am good enough to step up to a bigger bike and then maybe only for a bike up to about 600cc, I don't think i need any more power than that. Enjoy your bike..
  5. Nice Bike :)
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