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2012 Honda CB400SF ABS

Average User Rating:
  1. Very nice - hey, where'd you take the picture? T'is a very nice backdrop (y)
  2. Nice bike! However, it doesn't look like an Australian delivered example. They never came with the ABS in blue and the blue colour offered here was of a slightly different shade (not to mention the 2012 never came with the blue colour option). But then Honda officially don't sell the CB in the UK as your location suggests, so now I'm confused.
  3. View of Rosedale, North Yorkshire Moors National park from top of chimney bank. I live approx. 5 miles from here.
  4. This was exported from Japan to UK this year as a grey import. Guy I bought it from said it was a rare colour even in Japan, not sure but I think it is Candy Tahetian Blue. I asked Honda UK why they don't import it? Most probably on the grounds of cost, it would retail at more than the 600 Hornet c6990 UK pounds. I bought it to see if it was an improvement on my 1976 CB400F - Answer = yes an absolutely fantastic bike. A couple of gripes, the mirrors are rubbish, left hand one snapped off within 2 weeks and the battery was weak through storage/neglect. I've replaced the battery with a Lithium one, just hope it doesn't go the way of a Boeing Dream liner!!!
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