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2012 Honda CB400 ABS

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Stazza_Brendan, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. So after getting more interested in bikes i bit the bullet and got my learners and bought a bike. At the same time also got full riding gear.

    Having only ridden a few dirt bikes before i decided to buy a brand new bike.. Common sense right :p
    I knew the bike i wanted was a CB400. Looks great, has a great motor, forgiving ride and wont be a bike i get over once licensed. Honda reliability was also a selling point.

    Its late 2012 ABS build.
    When i got it home. 100% dead stock.
    Love the look of the 4 exposed headers.

    I already had a tank protector at home waiting so that went on to protect paint on the tank.
    Also got a disc lock with alarm for when i go away.
    I hate yellow lights so an LED went in the numberplate light and a new Phillips bulb went in the headlight.
    Stock headlight

    New headlight

    When i ordered the bike i ordered a set of crash bars to protect the motor better in case of a fall and ordered some oggy knobs but as far as i know they havnt been sent yet.
    Crash bars fitted.

    Also ordered a K&N from the UK for about $40 delivered. worst time of year to order things so will have to wait for that to show up.

    Tried to order a Blueflame exhaust but unsure if order went through, so awaiting a reply from them, if not ill probably get the Moriwaki stainless short system.
    Got almost 400km on the bike now, seems to be run in now and feels great. Have rode it in most types of road now. through town, highway, ranges, back country roads.

    Hoping to do my Q-ride within next 2 weeks.
  2. A wise choice. Good bike, good fun. Do the smart thing and do a few courses and you'll appreciate it more.
  3. Looking good. Great choice. Reminds me to clean my disc lock and try it again. Keeps going off.
  4. headlight is a good idea i keep forgetting to do
    - ebay ?
  5. Well done, great choice of bike.

    Are those Honda genuine crash bars? Also, how's visibility of the new bulb? My personal experience with blue bulbs is that even though they are brighter (or maybe whiter is the better term) to look at, they do not provide as much visibility as the yellow-ish stock bulbs.[DOUBLEPOST=1357122616][/DOUBLEPOST]Also if you're a learner, you might want to double check if you're allowed to replace the stock exhaust on your bike.
  6. Got the bulb from local autobarn. Havn't done any night riding yet. But where I park it is lit up better compared to the stock bulb. Outer edges of the light is brighter if that makes sense.

    Crash bars are from eBay. Arashi is the brand I think.

    Going to do my q-ride Tuesday if weather is good. So hope to get off the learners.
  7. Just bought the same bike, pick it up today.
    Crash bars are a bit different, has centre stand added.
  8. Done my q-ride today. No more L plate.
    Done the training and test on a 92 model cb400.
  9. Bike looks nice. I remember when mine was all new and shiney too.
  10. Very nice bike, that white really pops with the red. I'm a fan!
  11. I was always tempted to put a Moriwaki exhaust on my CB400 as well but ended up keeping it stock. I'll customise the next one. Enjoy it, mine has been nothing but a pleasure to own and I'll be sad to sell her next month.
  12. Didnt end up getting the Moriwaki. My Blueflame should be here tomorrow or Wednesday unless the floods hold up transport.
    Also got a Oxford rear paddock stand. Very sturdy and makes cleaning or maintenance on the rear wheel alot easier.
    Have a temp pipe on the back, really opens the sound of the bike up and installed a k&n filter i got cheap from the UK.

    Cant wait to hear how the blueflame sounds.
  13. Lovely - nice looking bike...

    The CB400 really is one of the best, well-rounded and well made bikes you can buy....LAMS or not......great bikes with great equipment.

    Ride safe......
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