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2012 HD Night Rod

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tucdam, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks

    Just after any views, comments etc on the 2012 Night Rod. Have done a search but not found much, apologies if missed earlier posts.


  2. must the only model I have heard grunts of praise [nghtrod] read it here by someone that said twas the best harley brought out, each to their own too!!
  3. Thanks, I'm not finding much by way of review / forums etc on this bike, and would be particularly interested if anyone can point me in the right direction - and also any comments from those that own one would be much appreciated?

    thanks again
  4. Can't help with personal experience, but if you are looking for reviews aren't the night rod and the vrod the same bike. I am sure that the vrod will have reviews.
  5. Here's my review on it

    Buy one :)
  6. This is probably not the best forum to look for info about Harleys in general and Night Rod in particular (.. Night Rod... snigger, snigger, I still can't get over that name!...)
    Try your luck on dedicated HD forums, for example v-twinforum have a whole section just for V-Rods.
  7. I saw one today making a lot of noise in the mountains. Did not seem to be going anywhere fast, but boy was he loud.

    I think they are interesting bikes, I would like a ride of one, but would most likely not buy one for myself.
  8. thanks for asisistance, and for the HD forum tip - starting to get a clearer picture now.
  9. I'd be a lot more interested in the V-Rod derivatives if H-D would put the engine in a chassis that hasn't been swatted with the Ugly Stick.
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  10. I bought one and it is hard to get one. Took me two months to wait for order to arive. I have her for a month now. It is awesome!
  11. Try Cougs - he rides one
  12. The only Harley I would ever consider.
    They are hot.
  13. They are bad arse looking bikes, go loke a cut cat too.

    I have a mate who has hated anything with a HD badge as long as I can remember, end HE wants one. Nuff said.
  14. I've fallen in love. Never ridden one but I'm smitten. Considering bringing one in from the states or going over specifically to buy one. I kinda know its irrational but I'm not thinking straight.
  15. haven't heard of any issues,
    or any complaints really, though i do know a few guys who have multiple....
    (live between countries, so have one in each)
    and there is a waiting list to buy one.

    yet to hear of anyone actually trading it in for a different harley (without good reason, only one i can remember wanted to do more touring and wanted less performance)
  16. its a hd
    engine is designed with porshe help i heard
    its a hd
    what cud be wrong .
    o and there are plenty of wankers here that
    dont get cruising , but plenty that do so hang around
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