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NSW 2012 Filtering trial / Filtering legal from 01.07.2014

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by b12mick, Oct 18, 2012.

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    From the NSW Motorcycle Alliance Facebook page

    = = =

    Thread update: Page 20 Gov media release 26.02.2014

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  2. How can you trial something that's already fairly common practice.
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  3. Excellent news.

    Subject to detail of course, and assuming that it's not hedged about with so many conditions that it is impossible to comply with the requirements.

    But a positive step, regardless.
  4. it is illegal to filter in Sydney??? well I'll be damned
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  5. A state government using common sense. Well blow me over and call me Rosie.
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  6. Common practice maybe, but not explicitly legal.

    As soon as I have details I will post them up.
  7. Good news especially since they put on a couple of police bikes to patrol the city permanently.
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  8. Is the city conducive to filtering, in general terms?
    Haven't ridden in there for years, but I seem to recall some pretty narrow lanes...
  9. You stop penalising riders and see if it makes any difference to casualty rates.
  10. Fine for motards, probably not for goldwings.

    Be extra careful everyone, we want it to be successful (or just don't go to casualty).
  11. wasn't this tabled last year?
  12. A bit more
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  13. So that explains why i've seen an increase on the bike plods, and i've only got a 15 minute commute through the city to home.
  14. So it is a trial, if anyone hurts them selves filtering in the city in the next three months they will have their but personally kicked by me.
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  15. As a rider-commuter through the city for the last 3 years now, what 'traffic improvements' are they going to see, if nearly all rider-commuters i see daily filter all the time?

  16. Yes but if people are already doing it then all the trial's going to come up with is that making it legal offers no discernible benefit, and so no reason to justify making it explicitly legal.
  17. sorry, your logic escapes me. Right now it is not explicitly legal.

    The Government have agreed to do a trial of legalised filtering, I fail to see a problem. Obviously it would have been better if they'd just made it legal without a trial, but we both know that was never going to happen.
  18. Only if they've been taking data prior to the trial. If not... claim whatever you like.

    Think positively. There is just a chance that all they really want is proof that it's safe enough to allow. The rest could be spin.
  19. Indeed, I suspect you are right.
  20. I've underlined the problem for you.

    I see where they're getting the data for the trial of legalised filtering now. But the problem is any existing data for that intersection is skewed by the likelihood that bikes are filtering at that intersection already anyway. So a lack of improvement may not mean the trial was a failure, but who's to say they actually want it to succeed in the first place?