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2012 ER6N/F Scorpion exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by maxwell2022, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm planing to buy the Scorpion's exhaust for my girl :)
    If you didn't see it yet it's here and to hear it it's $839 AUD.

    I'm not going to buy it before few weeks (September or October) so I keep looking. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good place where they are selling Scorpion's exhaust?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Hey mate......when I had my ER6N I went down the same path......finally settled on the Scorp. can - then began searching for a supplier....

    And, like you, looked overseas for cheaper purchase price etc - however by the time I factored in the shipping charges it really killed the deal :(

    I ended up finding a local distributor for the part I wanted and had them order directly from the importer for me (in this case it was City Yamaha who ordered)

    All up the price was $499 for a Stainless can and mid-pipe.....Titanium was $100 extra I believe - I went Stainless as it was only 2weeks delivery time while the Titanium was ~8 weeks at time of order...

    Hope this helps (y)
  3. Thx mate,

    Yes I'm looking at local suppliers also but it's not easy to match online prices. I went to flywheels this morning and the guys was telling me that just for the exhaust it's gonna cost more than $1200.

    For the 2012 version of the ER6 it's a one piece exhaust so you need to buy the full line. That's why it's much more expensive.

    I'm open to any ideas and I'll be happy to hear about your personal experience :)
    In the mean time I'm going to focus on finding a cheap local scorpion's supplier...
  4. Hmmm......so with this new pipe your getting new headers, mid pipe, connecting pipe and can?

    That's a full system - Definitely NOT a slip-on and definitely NOT road legal.

    Added to the fact that the catalytic converter is in the expansion chamber of your current pipe (which will be removed) you'll be running the risk of a huge EPA fine (I've heard up to $10K for defective vehicles)

    Also, if you change the entire pipe you will almost certainly have to use an O2 eliminator on the lambda sensor and have the ECU either remapped or adjusted further down with a PCV or something similar......

    Can you clarify if you were intending on a full "race" system or just a street "slip-on"?
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  6. It says it's road legal in Europe. I guess law in Australia is not much different.

    There is a db killer which limit the amount of noise. The spec says that the exhaust is making as much noise as the stock one (with db killer).

    This exhaust is specific for the ER6N/F. It's not a racing line it a street legal (in Europe) line. I don't think I need to remap the ECU as this exhaust has been develop specifically for this model. But I take your comment in consideration and I'll investigate (I've sent an email to Scorpion's sales team) :)

  7. Has nothing to do with the catalyzer - the cat is a superheated "brick" which burns exhaust gasses (in particular nitrogen oxide) --> wiki

    It is an E111 requirement to have one on any vehicle post '94? production (could be wrong with the date)

    It is interesting that this is a road legal full system - AWESOME if that's the case - GET ONE - I WOULD! :D

    Just make sure you know where you stand if you get pulled up......EPA fines are said to be very heavy indeed.
  8. Interesting... I'm searching about this regulation. I can't find anything except information about the European Health Insurance Card now known as EHIC which has nothing to do with exhaust catalyst regulation :D

    But I'm guessing it's fine, as it says on their website:
    "An e-Marked exhaust which fully complies with stringent European standards governing noise and emission levels. This system is fully road legal across Europe."

    I've just double check with the Akrapovic one and on their schema they've replaced the catalytic chamber with a catalyst which looks like just a segment of the tube.

    I hope to get more information about all of that from Scorpion's team.

  9. Nice one - good luck.....the scorp looks awesome.....they sound good too (y)
  10. Just got a reply from Scorpion:

    All good :D It's a green light for the buy. I just have to find the cheaper one now :p
  11. Nice one.......no mention of the Cat?

    Maybe they have re-positioned it in-line in the mid pipe?
  12. post a copy of the dyno graph? :)
  13. You can find it on Scorpion's website.
    Here is the graph:

  14. List of the prices I found for now:

    And I keep searching...
  15. Ok guys,

    I bought the one from twowheel.co.uk
    I have to say that I am very happy with them! Great communication.
    They are very fast replying to emails, always glade to help.
    Anyway I paid them by bank transfer, $860 (including shipping).
    I bought the titanium, but if you are interested by the carbon it's the same price (depending of the exchange rate).
    I've sent the payment Wednesday last week and got the exhaust yesterday (pretty fast), directly delivered from Scorpion UK.

    And OMG!!!! The noise...
    I've installed it in the basement, when I started the bike it was soooo loud! :D LOVE IT !!!

    I think I'm gonna keep the dB killer (at least for now)
    I'm gonna post few photos (maybe video) this weekend if I have time. I just have to say, Scorpion is the way to go :D and if you can buy it from
    twowheel.co.uk, you'll save around $300 to $400.

    One more thing... It's a bit a pain in the arse to change the exhaust. I think I've spent 2 hours.
  16. Good job mate.....

    +1 - I loved my Scorp can.....

    Get a vid posted if you can - would be great to see - and HEAR!
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    Hi Guys,

    I got it last week here is the video.
    I have to say that the iPhone is not capturing the sound very well.
    It sound much better when you are standing next to the bike :)
    PS: This is with the db killer

  18. Hello,

    I realise no one has posted here since August but I have a question. I have just put the same exhaust on my 2012 ER-6n, but I have been unable to get the silencer out. It looks as though it has been jammed in at the factory. I guess the question is; has anyone had the same problem getting the silencer out, and what was done to rectify the problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  19. Deciding between Scoprion and Two brothers... is it really worth paying the extra $500 or so to get a Scorpion. Cos that two brothers sounds insane...

  20. Are you talking about the scorpion or the 2 bros ? I have no problem removing the db killer on my scorpion but I left it on. It's far too noisy without !