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2012 dakar

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. This wont mean anything unless you follow the Dakar.
    Last years 2nd place getter in cars, Nasser Al Attiyah who drove for VW Toureg, is now driving for that fargn tosspot Robbie Gordon, in a barrelass Hummer.

    In bikes, be hard one to pick this year, with level playing field and all the professionals on 450's.

  2. I still think Coma and Depres will be up there, the navigaton is still crutial.
  3. only watched it a bit but will watch more of this one! :)
  4. Anyone else finding the coverage a wee bit disjointed this year? Or is it just me? Seems to be not quite as cohesive this year.
    Racing's good but. Too hard to pick between Coma And Despres though.
  5. Yes coverage is worse. Sound is just as bad as last year too.
  6. Ironically I was just having this same chat with my old man tonight and he isnt a real fan but had noticed the difference. I listened to last 2 days stages on my computer with headphones and the mismatch between the background music levels and commentators audible voice was so loud, I couldnt make out what he was saying half the time. Producers A.S.O. need to sack some mofo. Last African coverage was fantastic.
  7. They seem moreinterested in the human interest stories than the racing.

    Dont think it helps that they have shortened stages and even cancelled a days
    Racing due to snow and rain

    They are showing only highlights of the highlights.
    Really enjoyed a few years ago when they followed some riders for ten minutes, and you could see how they attacked it in a technical sense. No chance of learning anything from this years coverage.
    And why not show off that magnificent scenery?

    Really dumbed down this year.