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2012 CBR250r or 2014 CB125e?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by petyr baelish, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. my mate is offering to sell me a 2012 cbr 250r with some slight scrapes when he came off it, otherwise the bike is fine with 12,000kms, he is asking $2,800. I am also looking at a new cb125e for $2350 ride away. what is the better option?

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    It all depends what YOU want from YOUR motorcycle.

    I have the cb125e for about 2 months now. I use it to commute to uni and around Sydney. Apart from it being cheap to run and service, i also like the idea of being the first owner and knowing the whole story behind the bike. Warranty was also a big plus.

    With the cbr250r, it has double the power but for my situation i don't really need it as you can hardly go past 60 during rush hour traffic.
  3. 250r all day long mate
  4. Depending how bad the damage is on the cbr $2800 for it is a very nice price. I would probably go that route if i were you. You could probably make a profit when it comes time to sell it. Also good work on the cb125e price that is lower than anything i could see/get when i purchased mine
  5. [​IMG] well ill really only use it for commuting but i think i'd like the option to take it out on the highway, that's a picture of it, damage is minimal it appears, for the price it seems worth getting
  6. Can barely see any damage on that pic. Just on the pipe??? Anyway if that's as bad as it gets then $2800 seems a bargain.
  7. You don't need that 250, get the 125 and send me the phone off your mate selling it so that I can get that bargain.
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    Get the 250, you will regret the 125.
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  9. As someone on a CB125E and going a few times from Sydney to Penrith on the M4 I can safely say that extra grunt will be better on the 250. The vibrations and general noise the poor 125cc is pumping out is kooky.. lol. For general city stuff and up to 70kph the 125 is great. that extra bit up to 80 and into 90kph, as well as going up a incline at speed I really notice the drop off. However, the 125 lightness has helped me learn loads of skills, movements of general bike handling and I am very gratefull for that. It is a bike to LEARN on, thats how I see it.. good luck out there!!
  10. There is no replacement for displacement.
  11. Hi Guys,
    I'm looking at purchasing a 2012 cb125e for $1900 with 4800kms on the clock. I'm new to riding and just want a small run about to learn on for 6 - 12 months. Do you think that, that many K's on the clock will be an issue or should it be fine? I've been told that they just keep going and going and going as long as they are serviced properly.
  12. Get a CBR500R because they're awesome :rolleyes:
  13. That is literally no KM's. I just sold mine with 5400KM on the clock and it was a 2013 for $1850, try haggle the price a bit more